Canterbury Road Residence: A Home Made of Lava Stone in Australia

Have you seen a house clad in lava stone?

We are aware of the fact that a house differs not just because of their design or lot size but also because of the materials used in it. Materials may vary depending on what is available on the area since some materials are expensive on certain locations because of the unavailability of such. That is why, one of the important considerations that designers, engineers and architects consider in designing a home are the type of materials that can be accessible in the site of the home. Today, we are going to show you a unique house not just because of its architecture but because of what it used for the house.

The Canterbury Road Residence is clad in rough lava stone stacked and is made up of three simple structures. The house is designed by B.E Architecture and is located in Melbourne, Australia. What will amaze you here is how it used lava stone for its walls. Because of the unique appeal of this hand laid stone walls, the house will no doubt draw attention to anyone who passes by the house and it would even make one feel curious about what the house can offer in its interior. Let us take a look at this unique residence in Australia

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Designer: B.E Architecture

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: Two-storey

Unique feature: A two-storey home is clad in lava stone. It is made up of three simple structures with a beautiful minimalist interior.

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The house is made of lava stone which is a natural stone that is imperfect in its texture and color. Because of this characteristic of the stone, it gives a visually interesting organic character to the house which we will see in the images of the home in this article.

B.E Architecture

Each of the stone tiles was hand laid in a random pattern for the house. To make it look more interesting, light and dark tiles were laid in random order. Seen here is the facade of the house with black iron gates.

Canterbury Road Residence

The cool grey tones from the stones cover the home. Aside from the exterior, the stones also make an appearance inside the house as well.

Canterbury Road Residence architecture

The house has different volumes that add depth into it. It has a hallway outdoors that allows the homeowners to access the outdoor space through the wooden floors in gray. You can also see here that the house has a green lawn.

Canterbury Road Residence wood

To compliment with the gray rough stone walls, gray wooden flooring was used. There are also black wooden and iron features in the house too.

Canterbury Road Residence trees

Trees are planted along the outdoor area of the house by allocating a part of the flooring for the plants to grow. Interesting, right? You can also see here the beautiful fence it used to secure and define the lot of the residence.

Canterbury Road Residence door

A black wooden door welcomes guests into the house. Notice how this material and color compliments with the rest of the lava stones in the home’s walls.

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Canterbury Road Residence kitchen

This is the kitchen area of the house which used wood for its cabinets and island. The island also used a different kind of stone in gray. For sure you like how black lined the wooden cabinets and how that sheer white curtain brings a soft aura to the space.

Canterbury Road Residence stairs

In this image, you can see the landing area for the staircase that leads to the upper level of the house. Instead of the usual square shaped skylight, this one used a circular one. It looks like a volcano’s mouth, right? It could be inspired by the source of the lava stones.

Canterbury Road Residence bathroom

This is the bathroom of the house which has a color scheme similar to the other areas of the home. It has a sleek oval bath tub that adds a soft appeal to the space. I also like it that one can look outdoors through the glass window.

Canterbury Road Residence foyer

Remember the black door you saw in the previous images? This is the hallway that leads from that door. I can tell that this is the foyer of the house. For sure, you can notice the varying textures of the materials used in here.

Canterbury Road Residence feature wall

Lava stones are also seen even inside the house. You can get a glimpse of the living area here with soft gray curtains and throw pillows paired along with the white throw pillows, sofa and ottoman.

This house designed by B.E Architecture is indeed different from the rest of the house that we have already featured here on Home Design Lover. We have seen homes surrounded with glass. There are also some that used copper or zinc but this one used lava stone. The way I look at it, these lava stones could be especially made for the house because you will seldom see stones like this or if you will, it could merely be an accent wall or just a portion of the house. But this home is different because it used lava stone all throughout the house. Such a distinct house indeed! How about you, would you consider a unique type of material for your home’s construction?