Convincing and Intimate Features Highlighted in the Boandyne House in Australia

Indeed, simple palette and lighting system may effectively provide a very elegant and luxurious style and design of what we consider a home. Different levels and volumes of the house building may also take part of the best design that we aim for. The designer today will share how they brilliantly built a house out of simple palette, glass materials and modern furniture that will complete this contemporary home. This house is named as the Boandyne House and it is set in Australia.

Boandyne House has a site area of 714 square meters with a house building area of 500.0 square meters. According to the designer they also encounter some difficulties and challenges in the making of this luxurious house. They ensure the intimacy and strong relationship of the house to the sky through the three voids organized along the diagonal of the property. Let us take a look at the different enchanting house areas through the images below.

Boandyne House See how the lines and edges of the building highlighted the modern style and design of this house.

australia The size and shape of the swimming pool obviously harmonized with the forms of the house building.

pool Glass materials utilize here makes this pool area spacious and luxurious.

living room What a comfortable living room it is with this high quality furniture, right?

modern fire place A modern fire place is also installed in this living room to ensure the comfort and relaxing mood here.

interior design Unique shapes and volumes are also highlighted even in the interior spaces.

kitchen area Neat and clean kitchen space is also graced with this glassed round table with modern seats.

staircase A comfortable and huge staircase enhanced the design of the interior, too.

bedroom Large bedroom with this luxurious bed and glassed wall that may allow the client to view the sky even at night is one of the most relaxing spaces in the house.

Glassed walls Glassed walls in this bedroom may allow the client to capture the beauty of the nature even at night.

bathroom This spacious and charming bathroom may surely wow not just the homeowner but its guests, too.

wall design Lines and the smooth texture in the walls of this building perfectly jive with the constant movement of the water in the pool.

outdoor set To experience the fresh air event at night in the garden, the designer secures a patio where the homeowner can sit down and unwind.

evening view Extraordinary chair set in this area may present a relaxing zone in the house.

Boandyne House The pool lights and the LED lights installed in the interior and exterior of this house is enough to make this luxurious and elegant.

The photographs above courtesy of Andy Gibson and Jake Nowakowski revealed the amazing style and concept of the – SVMSTUDIO. I personally like the idea of building a spacious swimming pool that will be the best space for the family to spend during their quality time. The utilization of plain white palette harmonized well with the glassed materials used here. We hope that you have enjoyed and inspired in the home design that we have shared to you today, you may as well apply this features in your own house, too.