Binh Thanh House in Vietnam: Modern and Natural Life Compatibility

Yes it is true that we usually dream of owning a spacious and well-lighted contemporary house. A modern house with open walls, glassed walls or pierced ceilings that can allow the natural air and light in the interior are one of the best features that we would like to have, right? That is why today we will share to you a contemporary house located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Well, this house is named as Binh Thanh House. Its design is intended for two families that includes a couple in the age of sixties with their son, his wife and a child.

It is composed of two different spaces which are positioned alternately. There are spaces for the modern lifestyle and they are allocated in three floating volumes. This is wrapped with the concrete pattern blocks. The said spaces between these three volumes are widely open to the exterior. These spaces are allocated for the natural lifestyle of the homeowner as they can fully enjoy the nature, too. Let us explore the different parts of this Bin Than House with the help of its images below.

Binh Thanh House

Notice how this walls made this contemporary house stand out among the other houses.

black outdoor sofa

The designer set up a sofa in this area where the homeowner can fully enjoy the fresh air and sunlight.

open living room

This area is designed to have an open living space where the client can unwind from the stressful work.


You may see the amazing curve from this winding stairs that can be considered as one of the best feature of the house.


Patterns are used in this area to allow the air and sun’s rays to enter the interior.

curved wooden ceiling

Different textures and shapes are showcased in this interior that made this elegant living area a comfortable place to stay in.

open layout

This can only prove that the designer and the client wanted to achieve a more spacious and open layout plan.


You can still view the tall green trees in the exterior while working in this neat and clean kitchen area.

mosaic flooring

At night, the arrayed LED lights installed in the ceilings highlighted the rough and smooth texture seen from the ceilings down to the mosaic floor.

living room light

The lighting material used here adds more elements in making this interior becomes more comfortable and elegant.


In the morning, this small part of the stairs seems to welcome the guest to come up and explore the other parts of the house.

indoor light

These green plants have the biggest role in having a tropical and fresh look for the house.

patterned fence

Even at night these unique patterns in the walls are emphasized because of the simple lighting and plants used by the designer.

outdoor light

Finally you may see that this house seems like the designer combined the different sizes of squares and rectangle.

Binh Thanh House

Who will say that this house has enough space to assure the client the comfort and style that they may dream of.

As you have observed on the images of the interior and exterior of this house, you will see that the three volumes are shifted back and forth to be able to bring the natural light in – between the spaces as well as to be able to create a small garden on each floor. As a matter of fact, the bottom of the volumes becomes the ceilings for in-between spaces. These surfaces are also designed with the various curved shapes, to be able to provide different lighting effects on each in-between space.

Provided an area of 516.0 square meters, this Bing Thanh House was successfully designed and created by the Vo Trong Nghia Architects and Sanuki+Nishizawa Architects. With its unique style and incredible design, this house completed this year can really attract people as it stands out from the other townhouses in Ho Chi Minh City. In the long run, we can say that this house can really offer a great definition and interpretation of the ecological lifestyle in the modern tropical city. This can only prove that modern and natural life can be compatible with each other.