The Vibrant Colors of the Interior of the Apartment in Warsaw, Poland

The Vibrant Colors of the Interior of the Apartment in Warsaw, Poland

Now we will present to you this 969 square feet modern apartment that has an amazing open space which is covered with daylight. This is located in Warsaw, Poland. It is characteristically alienated into different zones for distinct purposes. Well, the main purpose of the investors is to create a flexible space that will allow the clients to have a quality time together. The design of this house is completed this year. It gives emphasis on the specific spaces namely for the hall, the kitchen, the living and the work space as well. The designer was able to merge the living area in a one open interior. This successfully provides the residents a sense of freedom.

Moreover, this became a field of different activities such as conversations, work, play, food preparation, reception for guests and relaxation. In terms of functionality, the right shaping of the spaces made it easy since all the flat zones seamlessly overlap to form a consistent area. The designers made use of the white temperate palette that dominates the color in the interior. This white palette is connected with the natural, wooden floor. With that the character of the interior was able to create a lot of colorful accents for the different types of forms and functions. As you can see there are yellow hanging cabinets built in the kitchen. Plus there were yellow interior of white book cases in the living room.

There are other numerous accessories like yellow carpet in a circle referring to the style of folk lamps, chairs, pillow, and other small items. The whole underlines the color dominantly in colorful striped photo wallpaper. It is designed for the interior and graphic wallpaper together with subtitles permeating the kitchen area to the entrance hall apartment. There are other areas that relate to the style living area of this apartment. Like for example the green bathroom that is so attractive because of its theme graphic that is printed on white PUC. Another is the son’s room with dominant white color broken by color accents in the form of wallpapers and other accessories. Now, are you ready to explore the different areas of the house? Why don’t you scroll down the page and check the images of the Apartment in Warsaw below.

Apartment Warsaw Living Room 1

The touch of gray, yellow and white underlines in this area that make it look more elegant.

Apartment Warsaw Living Room 2

Possibly you may say that the available space in this area is utilized by the designers carefully.

Apartment Warsaw Living Room 3

The designers together with the client decided to use the high technology devices that will match the style of the interior.

Apartment Warsaw Interior 1

The yellow color stands out in this space because of its bright characteristics that go together with the gray and white color.

Apartment Warsaw Kitchen

The kind of appliances and fixtures utilized in this kitchen area can also catch one’s attention.

Apartment Warsaw Kitchen 2

The design might be simple but it typically creates a happy and excitement mood to the clients.

Apartment Warsaw Dining Area

The amazing style of the table and chairs are perfectly matched and arranged in this area.

Apartment Warsaw Boys Room

The bright colors are intently used for this boy’s room making it look more lively.

Apartment Warsaw Bedroom 1

In this bedroom the effects of white and gray simply provides comfort and calmness to the occupant.

Apartment Warsaw Bedroom 2

Certainly the elegance of this mattress as well as its softness matches the concept of the apartment.

Apartment Warsaw Bathroom 1

Here is the colorful bathroom with bright green that will surely catch one’s attention and refresh one’s mind as well.

Apartment Warsaw Bathroom 2

You may notice the array of lights and this simple sink.

Why don’t we take a look at bedroom, you will notice that extremely it possessed the bright and light colors. Well, unlike the rest of the apartment this bedroom has no strong accents of color that is capable of promoting a good place to relax and rest. With the features mentioned here we can say that the interior of this apartment is defined by a great sense of color. The blue, green, yellow, white as well as the gray color are utilized here. The pillow, texture and bold stripes have also been used to create a lot of colorful accents to the entire apartments.

Therefore we can say that the abundance of light in the interior of this apartment has a great impact to its amazing designs. The color as well as the astounding design is totally beautiful. Yet this is successfully designed by the Widawscy Studio Architektury. The involvement of an open space in the interior takes the crucial part to be a multifunctional zone for different activities that is intended for the members of the family. Absolutely it offers a great comfort to the clients as it provides rest and relaxation. We hope that once again we were able to inspire you and provided you a better idea on how to enhance the interior of your apartment. So which part of the apartment catches your attention most?

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