The Futuristic House on the Flights of Birds in Sao Miguel

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This highly imaginative household found in Sao Miguel Island in the Azores, Portugal is said to be made from a future house design. This house may look like a group of randomly chosen shapes, but the designer applied some functionality into the façade. As you can see there is a large, red square wall that was built into the design. It helps to block the immensely strong winds that come from the North Atlantic Ocean. Well, this house is designed for one family only. It was inspired through the influence of the rich natural landscape and climatic conditions.

Meanwhile, this project aims to preserve the relationship of the house to the magnificent outside world. As it presents the futuristic house, you can also see the architectural design that consists of curved volumes combined with unexpected sheltering panels and peculiar shaped windows. Actually you may really feel like you are taking a time travel in 2050 when you come to enter the house. According to the architect himself, the microclimate of this farmland suggests frequent wind and showers so the first design strategy was to block those winds with a wall.

It recommends a diversion to patios and covered courtyards on the ground floor. It shields them from rain and opens all living space to the natural green around by using glass walls receded from the exterior. You can also find individual private rooms that are secluded and enclosed in the upper level of the house. It has a luxurious building that presented a delightful roof terrace. It is a perfect place where you can rest and relax while enjoying the charming view of the shore. Well, I am sure that you are so excited to see the other parts of the house. So why don’t you scroll down the page and be amazed of the House on the Flights of Birds images below.

House on the Flights of Birds Frontview

Let’s take a glimpse on the elegance of this house during night time.

House on the Flights of Birds Exterior1

This house simply shows its confidence to stand out from the other house designs.

House on the Flights of Birds Living Room

The well-defined modern furniture are sensitively set in this living room.

House on the Flights of Birds Interior 1

The fine lines, shapes and volume are evidently seen in this area that makes it look more futuristic.

House on the Flights of Birds Interior 2

High ceilings are used in this house to provide more space and to make it look larger. It also allowed sunlight to get inside the home for better ambience.

House on the Flights of Birds Interior 3

You may be stunned with the designer’s technique and skills to come up with this incredible design wherein the glass walls can allow you to have a view of the pool.

House on the Flights of Birds Interior 4

The customized shape of the window is perfectly matched to the seating area making it look modern and futuristic.

House on the Flights of Birds Kitchen

Even the kitchen has high ceilings and a skylight to lighten up the entire place during the day.

House on the Flights of Birds Bedroom

The bedroom reflected a more customized and sophisticated look with this wall art.

House on the Flights of Birds Swimming Pool

Here is the wonderful outdoor swimming pool of the house as one of its highlights.

House on the Flights of Birds Rooftop

The rooftop of this house is also a good place to unwind while staring at the panoramic view.

House on the Flights of Birds Interior 5

This stairs is also a good spot in the rooftop which is made of concrete with a unique design.

House on the Flights of Birds Exterior 2

When the sun sets, you will even appreciate the house more with its stunning beauty from the good lighting.

House on the Flights of Birds Exterior 3

A closer look at the home’s design that will surely awe you with this great work of lines and curves.

It is said that the typology follows an almost classical Palladian and Scamossi central plan design with double height on its living room. Then it has two lateral wings that enclosed the kitchen. Also this house makes use of the high chimneys from popular residential architecture and a covered interior patio. It also applied the other wings to have circulations for the first floor and to the roof terrace. The said two wings were ended with light entrances from the south.

Thus this futuristic house names Flights of Birds is fruitfully achieved by Bernardo Rodrigues. An outdoor pool is also placed here to let the water-lover members of the family to enjoy and relax at home. This house is really a great example of a creative architecture solution for sheltering a private residence. The choice of bright colors help this house to stand out from the others in the crowd. Thus this house is considered as one of the coolest residence house on earth. Would you choose to have the same design for your future dream house?