The Captivating Celadon Villa in Thailand

The Captivating Celadon Villa in Thailand

Today we will amaze you with this villa situated in the Gulf of Thailand, Celadon. This house is named after its location, so it is now known as the Celadon Villa. As you can see the villa is a combination of cutting edge architecture and luxurious interiors. Moreover, this is specifically located in West of Maernan on the quiet place of north shore of the Koh Samui. Well, this Celadon Villa is also considered as one of the pride of Thailand.

This villa has the ability to provide the best comfort with peaceful amenities and close to the nature impression. It is also overlooking the attractive and immense Bang Por Beach. In order to reach the area, you may need to take 15-minute drive from Bophut Fisherman’s Village and 25-minute drive from the airport and Chaweng. On the other hand, the Samui is a 40 minute flight from Bangkok and can also be reach with direct flights from Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Talking about the luxurious interior of the said villa, it has 4 bedrooms, 4 ensuite bathrooms and a fascinating infinity pool. The first and second bedroom includes a double bed, ensuite bathroom and a terrace. While the third and fourth bedroom composed of the 2 twin bed, ensuite bathroom and a private terrace.

Additionally, this villa offers great amenities and features as well. This has a Wi-Fi connection, sound system, blu-ray player, satellite TV, iPod dock and a bar. Besides it has a sunken seating area where you can relax while reading the newspaper and your favourite book. And of course it has a fully equipped kitchen, too. The table tennis area in the interior also offers a terrific time to bond with the rest of the family. Most possibly you are now excited to see more of the other features of this Celadon Villa we mentioned here. Why don’t you take a look at the indoor and outdoor area of this surprising and captivating Celadon Villa below.

Celadon VIlla Pool 1

Here is the sunken seating area in the Celadon Villa where you can freely stare at the oceanic view in the middle of sunny afternoon.

Celadon VIlla Front

From this side, you may easily capture the wide space area of the interior that offers a lot of amenities.

Celadon VIlla Exterior 1

Here is the terrace in one of the bedrooms of the Villa that can provide a panoramic view.

Celadon VIlla Furniture 1

Looking closely at the luxurious sofa in the sunken seating area that used furniture of high quality materials.

Celadon VIlla Dining Table

Take a glimpse of this dining area where the wooden dining table set is well presented.

Celadon VIlla Living Area

At this corner, the beige color of the sofa set is perfectly matched with the wooden table and off-white tiles in the floor.

Celadon VIlla Pathway

In this aisle you may see the different dimensions, lines and shapes in the important parts of the interior.

Celadon VIlla Bedroom 1

Here is the neat and clean twin bed in one of the four rooms in the villa.

Celadon VIlla Bathroom

You may take a glimpse to the white and smooth bath tub in this bathroom that matched with the brown and white color of the walls and floors.

Celadon VIlla Bathroom 2

The vivid lights used in this brown and white bathroom makes this area looks more spacious and comfortable.

Celadon VIlla Bedroom 2

The flower mosaic tiles in the wall and the wall art is enough to come up with a luxurious and elegant room in this villa.

Celadon VIlla Interior

Here is the living area where you can see the giant tv and pillows that will let the homeowner feel relaxed while watching the latest movie.

Celadon VIlla Living Area 2

At night we can still see the amazing elegance of this interior part of the Celadon Villa.

Celadon VIlla Furniture 2

With the amazing candles in this wooden table as well as the wall art in this area makes it more inviting to sit down and join the dinner.

CeCeladon VIlla Exterior 2

In this pathway, the designer installed the vibrant lights to maintain its elegance.

Celadon Villa Pool 2

The negative edge pool here is sufficient to give a more relaxing and comfortable area in the villa.

Celadon Villa Pool 3

The negative edge pool here seems like a one great connection to the ocean.

Celadon Villa Pools at Night

At night time, sunken seating area still seen from the swimming pool area because of the lighting installed.

Celadon Villa Pools at Night 2

As you can see the L-Shaped swimming pool here still stand out in the night.

Celadon Villa Pools at Night 3

From the man’s eye view, you may obviously see the exceptional lines, shape and curves combined by the designer here to come up with an amazing structure.

Now let’s talk about the exterior part of this villa which is highlighted with the bewildering infinity pool that is surrounded by the luxurious furniture. It has a typical garden, badminton area and a spacious garage. The typical garden exhibits the different flowers and plants that add more life to the location. While the badminton area is one of the favourite places of the homeowner where they can compete and enjoy the sports together. And the huge garage can accommodate the a number of vehicles that may park and go from this place. Certainly, the feeling of satisfaction and comfort will be achieved by staring at the panoramic view and the oceanic view this villa offers.

From morning until night time, the negative edge swimming pool, badminton area, and the garden may keep the homeowner as well as the guest busy while enjoying it. This has a private road that connects the villa to the seaside. In this way, with the sophisticated interior and exterior in this villa you may certainly achieve the most memorable experience that you always wanted. This Celadon Villa possibly ensures the extreme privacy for a truly relaxing vacation. Then, we can say that the Luxury Treats successfully presented the images of this Celadon Villa.

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