Trendy and Stylish Transformation of the 17BR-House in Singapore

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There are so many old houses in our place that we have witness how the homeowner transformed it into a more pleasing one but still preserve some of its elements. They choose to re-invent its appearance to apply the modern touches that will captive the eyes of his friends or even neighbors. That is why I am inspired today to share to you a house originally built between 1900 and 1940. Well, the homeowners are said to have a desired for a warm family home that would still preserve the shop house’s historical character and reverse the strong changes during its previous manifestation as you can see in the space intended for the office.

This house is called as the 17BR House which is a residential house with an inner courtyard built on the first floor that welcomes the natural light and ventilation to flow all over the house. When I first saw the interior of this house, what really captivated me is the dramatic and artistic design of the spiral staircase which spans in all three levels. There are many surprising views in the interior that I am sure will fascinate you, too. Why don’t you scroll down the page and see the selected images of the house below.

Charming and sophisticated look of the traditional design of this shop house may undeniably be revealed in the front area of this house.

Singapore house
As you enter the interior, the fab grey sofa is meticulously set in the living space that blends with the wooden floor and ceilings.

Stylish Transformations
Checkered design in the center of the floor stressed the astounding design of the interior.

dining table set
Wall art and baby's painting is highlighted in this dining space together with the three lamps hanged in the dining table creating an artistic mood in the house.

kitchen design
The cubic shape of this huge cabinet is enough to highlight its unique pattern that jives with the stainless steel in the equipment.

marble kitchen island
Notice how the designer mix and match the colors and shapes of the furniture to the kitchen appliances.

garden design
Open door in the kitchen, may allow the homeowner to easily see the dining space in the other side of the house.

Here is the spiral staircase that emphasizes the flow of the movement in the interior that may bring the homeowner in the different parts of the house.

elegant staircase
As we take a closer look at the curves and lines in the staircase, we can see the art and unique style in the interior.

staircase lights
At the upper level of the house, you may certainly witness the remarkable and stylish curves of this spiral staircase.

rail lights
The different levels and dimensions of the house are highlighted in this area.

clean design
White palette applied in the walls and frame of the stairs are effective to make this area neat and clean.

The walls in the interior are maximized and utilized to be built-in shelves for the books of the owner.

long desk
The spacious area in the aisle of the interior is also effectively used for the homeowner to sit down and work on his hobby.

working desk
Office space is intently secured in this area to let the homeowner continue his work even at home.

Spacious bedroom is also crucial for the homeowner to experience the real comfort at night with the soft white and smooth bed sheets.

Notice how the designer used the same mosaic tiles in the middle of the bathroom floor and the living space which highlighted the latest fixture.

LED lights installed in the corners and all over the bedroom are important to make this comfortable and relaxing place to stay in.

Green plants and trees added elegance and a romantic mood in the garden.

Summer afternoons will never be fun and exciting without the cool and clean water in this 7-meter long swimming pool installed in the courtyard.

As you can see the different areas of the house you may definitely see how the Ong&Ong responded on the requests of the homeowner. The homeowner said that the shop house had been in a bad condition that stripped of its historical characteristics and renovated it for office use. With the client’s unfailing support and the designer’s effort to bring the traditional elements while transforming the shop house to a residential house, the 17-BR House is successfully designed. We hope that we have also inspired you today as we had also inspired of the innovation made by the designer to this house.