The Marina Bay Sands Sky Park Infinity Pool that Awed the World

People around the world were amazed upon seeing an elevated swimming pool with vanishing edges. Some even thought that it is a mere photoshoped image thinking that it was impossible to come up with such astonishing pool. But what you have seen is real and existent. It is the world’s longest elevated swimming pool with 146 meter vanishing edge is found in Marina Bay Sands Sky Park in Singapore.

Marina Bay Sands was developed by Las Vegas Sands. The casino was first built and was billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property. After its completion, a resort with 2,561 room hotel, a convention exhibition center, a museum, a mall, two theaters, celebrity chef restaurants, ice skating rink, floating pavilions and many other impressive features. One of the most impressive feature is the 340m long SkyPark which can accommodate 3,900 people. The Sky Park has a 150m infinity swimming pool placed on top of the world’s largest public cantilevered platform. It was Moshe Safdie Architects who designed the 20 hectare resort with Aedas Singapore as the local architect and engineering from Arup and Parsons Brinkerhoff. Main contractor of the project was Ssangyong Engineering and Construction.

Many intelligent mind worked together in order to come up with this great structure and a very stunning swimming pool. There are lots of things that you would certainly love to know about the hotel and their pool. But for now, allow us to give you a showcase of Marina Bay Sand’s infinity pool. Also, let us take a glimpse at the entire structure that carries the world’s most startling pool.

Marina Bay sky park

A truly heart grabbing scenario where you can see the Marina Bay and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Night View

Another perfect view showing the three 57-storey towers of the hotel with a 1 hectare sky terrace called the Sands Sky Park.

Marina Bay Sands

The whole captivating view of the Marina Bay Sands including its casino which is known as the world’s most expensive stand alone casino property.


At sunrise, you can already take a glimpse of the beauty of its infinity pool located at the Sands Sky Park.

Night View

The world’s longest elevated pool with a vanishing edge certainly looks very inviting especailly during the night for it is given a more attractive look with its pool lights.

infinity pool

Even during the night, the infinity pool is still a dream paradise.

swimming pool

A day scene in the magnificent pool that gives an unforgettable swimming experience.

Sky Park

The Sky Park is given a natural look with these tall palm tress, making the moment in this area more spectacular.

sunset view

The wonderful moment in the pool is even made more memorable with this amazing view of the sunset.

lounge designs

A closer look at the lounges near the pool area where one can relax under the perfect blue sky.

Observation Deck

When you are in the observation deck, you can take a look at the wonderful surroundings of the Marina Bay Sands and even an aerial view of the city.

For sure, you were flabbergasted with the great beauty of the infinity pool and the smart manner of constructing it. No wonder that it wowed people around the globe. This pool is made up of 422,000 pounds of stainless steel and can hold 376,500 gallons (1424 cubic metres) of water. In the Sky Park near the pool, you will also find restaurants, night clubs, lush gardens, trees, plants, and an observation deck that can allow you to feast your eyes on the unforgettable panorama view of Singapore.

Aside from its beauty and uniqueness, the infinity swimming pool of the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park is also designed to ensure safety for those using it. A jacking system is used by the engineers to allow future adjustments and to ensure that the infinity edge of the pool will function rightly. So, if you want to spend a summer vacation in this great paradise, you do not have to hesitate for this one is not just astounding but is also safe and secure. But if you just want a smaller version of this infinity pool, you can take a look at our pool design ideas that could help you design your own residential pool. It can also give you the relaxation and fun that you want.