20 Figure 8 Shaped Swimming Pool Designs

Does the shape of your swimming pool really matters in deciding what design would fit in your available outdoor space? Yes it is. Indeed, choosing the best design and shape of your swimming pool is one of the most important things to do. You may either choose the classic design or the modern design depending on its shape. Today we are going to introduce to you the different designs and styles of the Figure-8 Swimming Pools. The Figure-8 Shaped Pools are said to be great families who want to spend a lot of activities in this area.

Since the Figure-8 shaped Pool doesn’t necessarily have to be a mirror image in size of the other end. This kind of swimming pool can provide a great separation for an obvious shallow area and deeper area. While as you can see the indentations on each side of the Figure-8 are also the natural spots for shrubbery. The pool shape doesn’t necessarily have to be the same size at the both end. This kind of shape can create a distinct deep and shallow ends. So are you ready to see the different designs of Figure-8 Shaped Pools that we have gathered from different known designers? Why don’t you scroll down and check the images below.

Penguin Pool 1

figure 8 shaped pools

Penguin Pool

Who will say that this area is not just a relaxing area in the house but looks so luxurious, too?

Figure 8 Pool

Pool designs

FH Villa

For a large Figure-8 Shaped Pools like this, a diving area is best especially for the members of the family who are swimming enthusiasts.

Figure 8 Pool 2

unique swimming pool

FH Villa

Here is a unique swimming pool with the guitar shape design which is best for the family who are into music.

Pacific Pools

green landscape

Pacifc Pools

By just looking at the green landscape as well as the shrubs that surrounded the pool area will assure us that it may be a great place to stay in.

Artisan Pools

furniture designs


As you can see the area is still open for more furniture or fixture to place here that may help this area looks more appealing.

Figure 8 Pools with Spa

round spa

Blue Haven

The figure-8 shaped pool is partnered with this round spa that will attract more people or members of the family to enjoy the fresh water on it.

Cocoa Beach 1

glass material

Even if it’s raining outside you may still enjoy swimming in this pool enclosed in a glass material.

Cocoa Beach 2

side area

My Pool Space

While sitting in the side area of this pool, you may also enjoy the scenic beauty of the shore outside.

Figure 8 Pools

waterfall pool


The waterfall from the spa area is very effective to make the water appear to be fresh and cold.

Smart Pools NJ

figure 8 shaped pools

Smart Pools NJ

The designer incredibly put the pretty landscape around the pool area as it only proves that this place is one of the best areas in the exterior of the house.

Figure 8 Pools with Basketball Ring

curve edge

To provide more activities to the members of the family they built a basketball ring in the curve edge of this swimming pool.

Sundial 1

light green tiles

My Pool Space

The light green color of tiles used in the floorings of this swimming pool makes the water very cool and pleasing to the eyes.

Figure 8 Pools

spa area

My New Swimming Hole

The water in the spa overflowing down to the pool is helpful to maintain the cleanliness and freshness of the water.

Figure 8 Pools at Night

modern design

Surf Side Pools

The water in this swimming pool welcomes the members and guests of the family even in the middle of the hot afternoon.

Figure 8 Pools

water fountain

The water fountain in the other side of the swimming pool maintains the movement of the water while cleansing it.

Figure 8 Pools with Spa


My Pool Space

For sure you can have a perfect time reading in the gazebo while taking a glance in this figure-8 shaped pool with spa.

Figure 8 Pools

family pool design

Design a Pool

This swimming pool design may be simple but it is enough to accommodate the large members of the family with friends.

Venetian Pools

outdoor chairs

This may be a perfect place for the couple to sit down in the chairs beside the pool to have a small talk.

Naxox Imperial Pools

huge swimming area

My Greece Travel Blog

What you are looking at right now is the huge figure-8 shaped pool that is not just for a small family but it can accommodate a large group of families, too.

Bayside with Waterfall

figure 8 shaped pools

The area may be limited but this can still provide the comfort and relaxing feeling to the homeowners.

So if you’re always dreaming of owning a very nice swimming pool in the backyard, the Figure-8 Shaped Swimming Pool is just right for you. And from the collected images above, we are pretty sure that you have finally list down your bet designs that may surely match the concept of your house. Also you may install a man-made waterfall, water fountain or add the spa area in your swimming pool design. In that way, your chosen swimming pool designs would really provide the comfort and relaxing space in your own house. What do you think?