Space-saving Window Seats in 15 Traditional Interiors

As there are many ways to treat an interior, there are also countless ways to decorate windows. We are used to see windows with window treatments ranging from blinds to curtains. They also come in various designs and prints. But aside from window treatments, there is another good way to work on your windows for the interior – window seating.

Window seats are seating areas placed on the windows but of course, these are located in the interior. These areas are great for you can get natural light from the window. You could spend time lounging on the seats or you could also take a book and read it with the sun’s beam to light you. Window seats can have storage cabinets on its end. This way, the space is not wasted. Using window seats is actually a smart way of using space on one’s interior. We will give you ideas on how to work on that through the images below. For this post, we will show you traditional window seats. Take a look:

Pile on the Pillows

Pile on the Pillows


The window seat was loaded with pillows in different colors, shapes and designs. The details from the valance, chandelier and the printed furniture add charm to this space.

Pink Girl’s Room

Window Seats

Tracy Garfield Interiors

A girly living room in pink , stripes and polka dots- with this window seat, your teen could surely enjoy reading a good book while sitting here.

Street of Dreams PDX 2011

window canopy

Rockwood Cabinetry

The window canopy looked good paired with this window seats in brown padded upholstery.

Fremont Georgian Family Room

Plaid area rug

Peterssen/Keller Architecture

Plaid area rug sure is unique but it added life to this living area. But we could surely notice the window seats in white.

Traditional Family Room

round table

Kathy Corbet Interiors

Adding a round table near a window seat makes the area great for breakfast or for snacks.

Broadway Street

window designs

Faiella Design

The details in this window is beautiful but you would surely be able to appreciate it even more when you are seated in this area.

Woodlawn Residence

kitchen window

Witt Construction

Certainly, this kitchen has a traditional design with prints and classic colors all around. We wonder how one could sit on it when it is crowded with pillows!

Olympia Classic Family Home

Window Seats

Conard Romano Architects

The combination of patterns in this bedroom worked well because it made use the same color and shade for it like what you can see in the window seat.

Classical Kitchen

white kitchen

Pickell Architecture

A beautiful white kitchen with some gray touches in the window seat.

Kiawah Island Residence


Hughes Design Associates

The scallops in the curtain is lovely and the color of this bedroom is no doubt very calming.

North Berkeley Hills Bathroom Remodel

upholstered seat

Mueller Nicholls Cabinets and Construction

The upholstered seat is covered in different colors. The accompanying pillows took the colors from the seat cover.



Sylco Cabinetry

Isn’t this cute and classical? It sure is! The window shutters and the colors of the window seat is very charming.

Woodbury Main Level Remodel


Michael Lee, Inc

Different prints are used in this area making it look busy but pretty. Take a look at the window seat where you can see the patterns we are talking about.

Beach Glass Interior Designs

living area

Garden City, New York

A living area without so much furniture but the decorations reined the space.

Kid’s Bedroom

Window Seats

Schrader & Companies

The color of this bedroom is refreshing but the homeowners would surely feel even more refreshed if they sit near the window.

After seeing the images above, you might want to have your own window seat in your home. The traditional spaces above may be it a bedroom, a living room or a kitchen sure looked great with the added window seat. Aside from the beauty it brings to the interior, it can also be space-saving and could provide an area where you can get closer to nature with the sun’s light and fresh air.