Enchanting and Romantic Carlyle Residence in Los Angeles, California

A sophisticated penthouse interior in white and beige with gorgeous decorations!

Would you consider redesigning your interiors to make it more elegant and stylish? Do you have any idea on how to make it look good and not scrappy? Today we can share to you how the designer amazingly redesigned this simple penthouse into a more comfortable and luxurious residence. This house is named as the Carlyle Residence and it is spotted in Los Angeles, California USA. Well, this is specifically located on the 21st floor and the homeowners friends usually enjoy the champagne and hors d’oeuvres while taking in south, east and west-facing vistas from the house’ floor-to-ceiling windows and exploring a generous floor plan spanning 3,535 square feet. We can never deny the fact that there are many homeowners who have the desire to innovate and re-create the look of the interiors since the most of the time they stay here.

As we can see many modern houses of today make sure that their house will realize the real sense of great style and design. Homeowners did many researches and list down all the extraordinary features that they want to have in their own homes. In Carlyle Residence, we can see how the designer draws their inspiration from a handful design sources while incorporating it’s uniquely design vision. The type and style of the furniture may perfectly match with the other accessories utilized in the house. They made sure that the incredible lighting system may also enhance the look of every part of the interiors. Take a look at the different parts of this house through the set of images below.

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

Designer: Premier Stagers’ founders Summer Chápin and Hollywood Hunk Designer Maxime Jacquet

Style: Contemporary

Type of Space: Penthouse

Unique feature: The house is designed with enchanting lights and luxurious stylish furniture that may certainly present the most available stress-free zones in the penthouse. The designer’s wit and effort were revealed in every parts of the house. The extraordinary design of the interior made this house captivating and charming.

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California home design Geometrical forms of these white furniture complements with the wall art and paintings in the living space. We can assure that great comfort and style is highly achieved here.

Furniture Candle lights installed in the corners of these interior sets the relaxing and romantic mood even in the morning. Who will not say these furniture are not elegant?

Living Space Natural light can easily access the interior for its glassed walls and doors. Systematic and well-arranged furniture are highly presentable in this living room.

Sustainable Light This great wall art harmonize with the white and brown theme in this interior. This truly made the area lovelier and livelier.

Interior design Luxurious and elegant style of sofa and dining set here highlighted the modern and charming interior design.

Carlyle Residence Here is another space in the interior where the family members can stay and read their favorite book during their quiet moments. Charming chandelier also enhance the look of the space.

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Kitchen The neatness and artistic theme is carefully observed in this modern kitchen. The wooden patterns seen in the cabinets jives with the plain white walls and sofa.

Carlyle Residence On the other side, you will be amazed of how this kitchen maintains its fabulous look. The modern fixtures and appliances are utilized here.

Equipment Even in this kitchen the patterns and geometric forms are highly observed. Flowers can make this area lovely and attractive, too.

Dining Table Gold cups and saucers set in this wooden table blended well with golden chairs and astounding chandelier that made this dining space look so stunning.

Painting Here is another charming space in the house where the mix and match of the colors of the furniture and these painting is also achieved.

Bedroom The combination of white and blue colors in this bedroom can effectively underscore its fabulous design and style. The home as a promising character creating a relaxing stays as the owners get panoramic views from the terrace.

Bedroom design Brown and white themed bedroom can also provide the enchanting and comfortable experience with this lamps and stunning chandelier.

Bathroom Here is the huge bathroom which can also be the best space for the client to unwind and feel comfortable. See how these LED lights together with this large mirror reveals the contemporary look.

Vintage silver chair Vintage silver chair complements with this huge mirror, trendy fixtures and wall art which made this area so lovely and artistic.

Living Space at Night Take a look at how these candle lights and stunning lamp uncover the mysterious and tranquility in this living space. Overlooking the city lights from the terrace can also provide comfort and relaxing feeling to the homeowners.

As we have witnessed the different areas of the house above, we can definitely say that the Premier Stagers’ founders Summer Chápin and Hollywood Hunk Designer Maxime Jacquet exerted a lot of effort in order to achieve and deliver the best results in redesigning this house. Every part of the house is a real inspiration to the owner where they can sit down and relax after their tiring activities in the office. The designers skillfully and creatively mix and match the furniture, accessories and added lighting systems creating an enchanting, comfortable and luxurious house interior. We hope that you may get another set of ideas that you may apply or incorporate in your existing house or could be the design of your future house.