Mvtikka Fireplace: A Futuristic Contemporary Addition to Your Home

When I was younger, I thought that every fireplace is made of bricks. I always picture it as something where kids put socks to get their treats or maybe even an entry for a big bad wolf.Lol. But I soon realized that a fireplace varies in design and it isn’t merely the brick fireplace that I see in books and fairytales. There are actually other designs for a fireplace. There are sleek ones and there are some that has unique shapes and form.

We came across this interesting fireplace design from Nuvist. I’m not sure you have seen the desk we shared to you before which also came from them. You will notice a resemblance of style as they use fluid shapes and powerful modern language that can be a perfect futuristic element in the house. The fireplace is called Mvtikka and its form is indeed distinct from other fireplaces we used to see, especially those from storybooks!

Nuvist Mvtikka Fireplace What you are looking at is the fireplace. It does appear like a creative sculptural installation on the wall.

curvilinear lines fluid fire waves It is designed based on the simple curvilinear lines of fluid fire waves.

Nuvist Fireplace Fireplace design Isn’t it amazing that fire merely seems to peep from its curves?

glossy finish futuristic design Aside from the curves, it is the glossy finish that adds to its futuristic appeal.

futuristic fireplace interior design Nuvist Fireplace And if you want to add some fun to your space, pick a color you want because it is available in different hues!

This futuristic fireplace from Nuvist is something that we would love to get for our homes. It looks distinct and very interesting. Its curvilinear form even exudes an intriguing appeal that made it a striking piece for our interior. Would you get this fireplace for your home?