Symbolic Tree Concept in the 38/F-39/F Mandarin Oriental Apartments in Macau

We can never deny the fact that the perfect combination of native and modern furniture and accessories can effectively create a more sophisticated and cool interiors. Apartments truly display the different amazing and elegant design of its interiors. The interior designers in fact make the most of the available furniture and accessories in order to make this apartment comfortable. Today we will see how the designer take the full advantage of the elegant furniture and latest accessories in order to come up with a stunning and warm interiors.

This apartment is called the 38/F-39/F Mandarin Oriental Apartments which are specifically spotted in Macau. The main principle concept of this apartment is to embody tranquility capturing the elements of nature at the same time. You may notice an abstract tree branch that encircles the living area. This concept is trying to reveal the symbolic meaning of a tree such as being a protective shelter that can nurture life-giving energy. Let us take a look at the different features of this house through the selected images of the interiors below.

Mandarin Oriental Apartments The concept of tree defines the comfort and elegance in the living space.

Symbolic Tree Concept Warm colors of the pillows and other accessories accentuate the comfort and great ambiance in the living space.

Macau apartments Take a look at the curves and circles found in the sofa and center table in the living space that underscore its charm and neatness.

exceptional designs See how the exceptional designs of the lamps installed in the ceilings obviously make this interior stand out among the other spaces in the house.

contemporary design Vibrant colors of the palette and lights in the interior amazingly underline its fashionable and contemporary design.

Mosaic floor tiles Mosaic floor tiles as well as the curve pattern in the interior enhance the look of the living space.

Wooden patterns Wooden patterns of the table as well as the wooden walls perfectly jive to unveil its natural elements.

unique design The unique design of the chandelier in the dining space stunningly stressed the extraordinary concept of the designer.

Mandarin Oriental Apartments Take a glance at the autumn leaves designed in this wall as it makes this area livelier and lovelier.

Wooden staircase Wooden staircase highlighted the patterns and textures of the natural element utilized here.

Vivid lights Vivid lights installed all over the interiors speak of its fascinating designs and ideas.

Contemporary elements Contemporary elements accentuate the different decors and accessories applied in this comfortable bedroom.

white themed bedroom Different textures and patterns in this brown and white themed bedroom reveal its relaxing feature.

brown bedroom Here’s another brown bedroom that shows its simplicity and charm.

Trendy chairs Trendy chairs blends well with the palette utilized in the wall as well as the LED lights installed here.

Mandarin Oriental Apartments Who will say that this huge bed will not provide the promising comfort and stress-free zone in the bedroom?

The designer’s concept of using the tree as a symbol of shelter and protection is quite helpful. The idea allows the residents to be able to access the nature-inspired living areas. The homeowners may certainly feel the relaxing and secured feeling for this comfortable home. The PplusP Designers’s wit and creative design definitely build a unique and fabulous house design. We hope that once again we provided you another inspirational design and ideas of remarkable and comfortable interiors in an apartment.