Galatea Luxury Home’s Elegant Contemporary Interiors

Get a glimpse of sleek contemporary lines with earthy shades in the home interior of Galatea. Said house is located in Corona del Mar, California, USA. The result of that combo is a luxurious home with an elegant space filled with warmth and rich decorations. You can see that not just the furniture is beautiful but especially the decors as well as the lighting. The house opens to the landscape welcoming the outdoor beauty inside.

The social area of the house is fluid and airy but has translucent curtains in it that seem to screen that light that enters the interior. One part of the house that is really beautiful is the partly-covered terrace. We love the idea of adding a fire pit in the middle of the chairs. It sure is a perfect spot to relax under the night sky. Now, let us take a look at the interior of Galatea Home.

Corona del Mar, California, USA

Some personal items of the homeowners adorn the shelves throughout the social area which add more personal statement to the spaces.

Details A Design Firm

A perfect panoramic view of the outdoor beauty can be acquired from this open space living room due to its large expanses of glazing.

Galatea House

From this view, you can see how beautiful the interior is and how well planned all the functions are.


How lovely is that night sky! This is just one seating area to lounge and relax. We love the white and gray tones in the space.


This is one space of the house that we really like to have in our very own home- a partly covered terrace with a fire pit!


The colors in this dining room scream “elegance” especially with the glass top and pendant light.


The kitchen of the house is one gorgeous spot that stands out. The countertops are made of marble while storage areas are made of wood.


Uncluttered bedroom in contemporary style that boasts a tufted headboard.

Open Space

If that bedroom above is open, how much for this social area?


Glass railings are used for the stairs that bring in more sophistication to the home.


The bathroom is simple yet pretty in whites and browns. It also has large windows in it too.

View Wine

From this spot, you can see the kitchen with an island but you can also get a good view of the wine cellar.

Wine Cellar

And this is the wine cellar! Very contemporary in design, isn’t it?

Galatea House

When one steps outside, this beautiful scenario would welcome them. The stairwell you see opens to the terrace.

This could be a brief virtual tour of the house but we could certainly see how much effort and creativity Details A Design Firm have given to this project. We can see that every detail in it is a dash of luxury while displaying a lovely contemporary style. Do you love the interior? What can you say about it?