Open and Lively Modern Monolithic House in Castrovillari, Italy

In designing an interior, there is always a focal point. It differs from one home to another and from one space to another. But for some homes, they create something that would be the center of attention of the entire dwelling. I have seen some spaces wherein the highlight is a sculptural wall system that has different functions. Some has a huge block that would hide some areas of the home like a closet, bathroom and others. While there are also homes that have a huge lovely partition just like this apartment that we will feature today.

Monolithic House in the Italian town of Castrovillari, Italy is a 1,830 sq ft apartment that has a monolithic block which is the main focal point of the home. It is a stone wall partition between the kitchen and living room and is characterized by a window which performs the dual function of table or support plane. The interior has a modern minimalist approach and is characterized by visual diversity. When you enter the house, you will be welcomed by a surreal atmosphere with a rain of Swarovski crystals on the walls. You will also see a wallpaper filled with letters on one part of the wall. Check out the images of the apartment below.

Lively Modern house For this home, that monolithic block is the focal point which serves as a partition of the kitchen and dining and living areas.

Castrovillari, Italy But aside from being a partition, it also seems to act as a huge window too for these areas of the apartment.

Monolithic House The dining room and living room are in an open layout. Note that sliding door in black glass. Isn’t it lovely?

apartment design And of course, that wallpaper of letters give a subtle childish feel to the apartment.

monolithic block The monolithic block has many functions too as it serves as a storage space and working space for the kitchen.

kitchen From the kitchen, this is how you view the dining and living areas through the monolithic block. It sure is like a window.

Monolithic House The kitchen used colors white and gray that are in contrast with the wooden flooring.

modern equipments It is compact and has all the modern equipments one would need for food preparation. Take a look at the faucet design, very modern!

bathroom And this is the bathroom. What I like about this space is the use of white in it and that wavy textured wall.

indoor plants It is also a good idea to bring in some plants inside it for a refreshing feel.

master bathroom I guess this one is a master bathroom from the bedroom. The bathtub is enclosed in wood that also continues to shelving.

Monolithic House Oh look at that wall lamp! The design is very lovely and unique as it resembles a floor lamp attached to the wall.

The home is designed by Studio Brain Factory who have implemented a distinct modern interior. Who wouldn’t be captivated with the unique monolithic block featured in the house? How about the open, lively and spacious interior with a contemporary feel all over it? The apartment used stone as a conceptual raw material as well as wood too. This is inspired by the majestic views of the Pollino massif mountains that is seen from the windows of the home.