20 Superb Ideas on How to Style your Ceilings

When it comes to beautifying or decorating our houses sometimes ceilings, which are considered as an important part of the house are disregarded. With that, it might be left with a plain and flat design. Why don’t you try making your living spaces be more buoyant and flourishing by adding designs to your ceiling? This is a really great idea that would turn your area into an inviting one.

In decorating our ceilings we have our own choices that would appropriately suit into our styles and wants. Some people would choose to tint their ceilings with white paint for it may give a cooler atmosphere. Some would style it by adding materials such as metals, wood boards and fabrics; others would love to style it with murals and shapes. Also, basic ceiling design comes in different types; such as suspended ceiling, coffer ceilings, and many more. Those are only few ideas; there are many ways to make your ceilings achieve eye-catching views. Scroll down to get brilliant ideas on how your ceilings would look like!

1. Stripe Design


Smith & Vansant Architects

The easiest way to stun your eyes is to paint your ceilings with a tone that complements with the color of your walls making your rooms look truly decorative.

2. Wallpaper


Heather ODonovan

Get a dramatic act on your ceilings by putting wallpapers that might overwhelm your space which can be extended on walls to blend wonderfully.

3. Tin


New Urban Home Builders

Tin ceilings are more popular during Victorian era but today it adds a sweet feeling into real states. Having those richly patterned metal panels instantly becomes an eye-catching feature.

4. Beadboard


Frederick Architects

Beadboards gives cottage warmth into any rooms most especially for patios and sunrooms.

5. Planked Woods

ceiling designs

Carl Vernlund

To accentuate a vivid look to the ceilings of your treasure house, wood planks with intricate beams match seamlessly.

6. Tray Ceiling


Sroka Design

Tray ceiling can add visual interests because of its dimensions. A special lighting can be added at the center to add more luxurious looks on it.

7. Coffer Ceiling


Allan Knight

Coffer ceilings are series of sunken panels that is more detailed in style. Incorporating it with brighter shades will surely draw those eyes upward.

8. Exposed Beams

exposed beams

Carick Home Improvements

Classic buildings or homes are more into exposing beams design than covering it. Exposed beams are best paired with vaulted ceiling to make it more unique.

9. Barrel-Vault



Barrel-vaulted ceiling maximizes the heights of rooms providing wide views of sky. Designers loved to use this design unto dining and living rooms to experience a grand room which is spacious.

10. Fiber Optic Ceiling

ceiling designs

Tech Services

Fiber optic ceiling adds a dramatic glow unto your ceilings especially on bedrooms during nights and theater rooms while watching your favorite movies.

11. Modern Linear


Urban Concepts

This ceiling is a perfect design on your modern houses, with its geometrical lines giving a wide look on your spaces and at the same time adding up warm feeling.

12. Tile Ceiling


Beth Haley

Having a bolder and clean look just like your floors is a perfect idea for your ceilings.

13. Corrugated Metal

ceiling designs

Agave Custom Homes

This corrugated metal adds an industrial feeling.

14. Geometrical Pattern

geometrical pattern

Princeton Design

A simple pattern of shapes can give a unique look and an elegant aura for a modern or contemporary decor of houses.

15. Wooden Ceiling


Rauser Design

Undulating wood ceiling extending over the walls turns your media rooms feel very warm and cozy to stay.

16. Mirror Ceiling

ceiling designs

Pepe Calderin

Use mirrors in your bathrooms to add depth and perspective to a space with a soothing experience.

17. Bold Pattern Design

bold pattern

Anthony James

The bold patterns of simple shape tinted in white hue, adds a clean atmosphere on living rooms that would draw your eyes up.

18. Fabric Design


Hage Creative

Fabric adds drama and romanticism into your stylish and sophisticated bedrooms.

19. Mural Ceiling


Platinum Pools

Murals are a great way of decorating ceilings, can be of a great idea for bedrooms especially on children’s room.

20. Bricks Ceiling


Morning Star Builders

The warm tones of bricks on the ceiling suits with the concrete flooring that gives a beautiful design of the space.

So have you imagined the beauty if your ceilings have those designs? Have you picked your own choice? Ceiling designs are surely applicable in all rooms of your houses but of course taking into consideration the style that the room imposes. Having a ceiling that is well-designed and properly combined with lightings gives a warm and cool ambiance into your living spaces. We can also help you in designing your ceilings through some tips that we have shared to you before. Feel free to review our tips in designing a ceiling for it might be helpful for you.