20 Adorable Dog-Friendly Interior Ideas

Since dogs are family too, why not integrate a dog-friendly feature inside your home?

Today’s list is one of the interior designs that I love most. This is dedicated to all pet lovers, specifically for dog lovers. Yes! Dog lovers, brace yourselves because these spaces you are about to see were distinctively done with so much love for dogs.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. You may think that this will contain those out of this world, impractical homes created for our canine cuties by famous celebrities and people.

Hold your horses. I hate to disappoint you but I am not going to show you those. Are you getting a little skeptical now? Yes? Good! I love that!

I will not be dwelling on those interiors that we, ordinary people, may never get to achieve. Of course not! I am all for giving inspiration and hopefully ignite your creative and innovative ideas and make your lives and eventually make our world a better and a lot more beautiful place to live in.

Think about this moment when you first held your puppy. Everything lighted up. You found yourself adding a new member to your family. As a family, we want them to feel safe and happy in a place we call our home. To some this may sound insane but as a dog lover myself, it is only fitting that we make sure that they also get a well-designed space that any member of the family has.

This way we make sure that they are comfortable and they could enjoy every minute they spend with us. Not to mention having a designated area for them will keep the mess in control, especially when they are not well-trained yet.

Let’s admit it. They are cute and super adorable but behind all those sweet kisses, hugs and lovely tail wagging is the dirty truth. If you want this serious business to get handled in a very stylish manner, check this 20 Dog-Friendly Interior Ideas that will be beneficial for your dogs and yourself too.

1. Scarsdale Project

Scarsdale Project

Holzman Interiors, Inc.

When you think of entryway, our minds often wander to a space where you could create a cozy vignette, showcasing your family pictures and a striking wall mirror and other lovely, dainty decor. In this home, the entryway is filled with a lot of storage for shoes and coats and a surprising addition – a rinsing station for their furry family member.

2. Chic Chateau

Chic Chateau

AP – A. Perry Homes

This French Country style home has beautiful arched doorways and even arched windows that are both stylish and adds a romantic touch to the space. This lovely laundry room has an exposed built-in dog food station tucked neatly under the sink. It surprisingly does not seem an eyesore at all.

3. English Tudor

English Tudor

JSA Architect

I love this elegant, traditional farmhouse that offers a lot of storage. It has built-in cabinetry with built-in dog dish on one of its drawers. A space-saving solution that can be easily kept away when not in use.

4. Woodland Hills House

Woodland Hills House

Bunch Design

If you are looking for a sneaky way to create a cozy spot for your dog, take a hint from this charming home’s kitchen island with a sneaky built-in dog crate that looks so chic and chill. Or you can also integrate a dog house in your kitchen similar to what the designers of the Sheridan Residence did.

5. Bannister & Co.

Bannister & Co.

Bannister & Co.

This is a sensible solution when you have an extra space under your staircase. A place to call home for every member of the family, indeed!

6. Orchards 25th

Orchards 25th

Hartman Homes

Personalize a dog space by adding a dog painting in bold colors to add character and punch to a space. In this case, this laundry room was made a lot niftier than it already is with the inclusion of a chic dog shower and bath.

7. Upper Hay Lake 1

Upper Hay Lake 1

Land Ends Development

If you are limited on space, you may opt for a cozy nook on a wall or on any unused space you got. This will not take too much space, instead, the dogs will be thrilled to have their own space without taking up any of yours. On this photo, the wood makes the nook warm, cozy and inviting.

8. Racine Mudroom Addition For Dogs

Racine Mudroom Addition For Dogs

S.J. Janis Company

This mudroom has so much space to spare! It has a built-in dog feeder, a customized washing area, a cabinet that offers a lot of storage for dog food and other essentials. Hooks were also added for convenience of hanging leashes by the door.

9. California Cape Cod

California Cape Cod

Built Custom Homes, LLC

If you have an untouched space under your staircase, now is the time to put it to a good use. Look at how it squeezed a workstation next to the cute dog house. It is a very sensible project to make, creating a lovely room for your dog and work station for yourself.

10. Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls

Morning Star Builders, LTD

Look at how convenient this space for your furry family member? A whole built-in cupboard that holds your dog’s essentials. It also has a pull-out system dog feeder, a sophisticated-looking dog kennel and its very own shower station with a fold-up drying rack that could be positioned over the dog shower so if wet items were hung any water would be caught on the shower floor.

11. Courtney Circle

Courtney Circle

Ed Saloga Design Build

I love this shabby-chic bedroom! It is so cozy, stylish and so inviting. The inset wall, that looks like an unused chimney makes an incredible spot for a dog’s very own bed.

12. DKOR Interiors

DKOR Interiors

DKOR Interiors

This home office space was designed for function and style. It has two desk areas with a lot of storage. The best part is, it also incorporates comfortable dog houses for the owners’ medium size dogs.

13. Minnesota Private Residence

Minnesota Private Residence

Cook Architectural Design Studio

You can make your dog comfortable anywhere in your home. This dining room was made more interesting with a built-in inset nook perfect for a dog’s resting spot while the rest of the family is dining in.

14. Dina Bandman Interiors

Dina Bandman Interiors

Dina Bandman Interiors

Give your fur baby a taste of class and sophistication like this elegant laundry room that has a stylish dog shower station.

15. Artistic Renovations of Ohio LLC

Artistic Renovations of Ohio LLC

Artistic Renovations of Ohio LLC

Create a spa-like dog wash in your laundry room, if you have enough room to cater one. It is a one-stop-spot to wash your clothes and clean up your pets. Your dog can even rest while waiting for you to finish your laundry under the counter on the padded open cabinet.

16. Maison de Reve Builders

Maison de Reve Builders

Maison de Reve Builders

Another customized dog house under the staircase! This one matches the wrought iron handrails of the staircase above it. It creates a cohesive and classy look.

17. Brooks and Falotico

Brooks and Falotico

Brooks and Falotico

Create a dramatic and knockout flair to your space with a built-in recessed dog bed that matches your interiors, like this one.

18. S Residence

S Residence

Soichi Yamasaki Architects

How fun would it be when you get to watch your dog play in your living room with you? This living room in a home in Japan’s Hyogo prefecture features a dog pen where the owner can control the mess and at the same time have a watchful eye on their pets.

19. Baldwin Homes

Baldwin Homes

Baldwin Homes

Give a fresh and edgy look to your space by adding a dog house inset to a wall that has so much space. This charming doghouse is full of cuteness and style that complements the whole interior.

20. Molly’s Room

Molly's Room

Michael McGowan

A beautiful DIY puppy room was made under the stairs for Molly the Westie when her owners found out that she was going to be a big sister to a little human. It turned out incredibly great and so fabulous!

If you are thinking of doing the same for your fur baby check out this video.

There you have it, a wonderful and stylish incorporation of dog-friendly spaces in home interiors. I am sure that you will agree with me that these spaces are very well-thought of and well-crafted to appeal to the needs and comfort of our lovely pets likewise to the owners’ ease and peace of mind. Even the dead space in our homes can turn into an enchanting dog haven like some of the interiors above. Designing and creating a room for your pets is as important as crafting your own space, after all, they are members of the family too. But if you are a cat lover, you can check out some interiors that are specially designed for your feline friends.