How to Incorporate a Library into your Home

Some people really love reading and would collect different kinds of books. It certainly feels great to be surrounded by your favourite books written by your most loved authors. You may collect various types of books from fiction novels to fact books. If you are really a book lover, for sure, you want to have a home library where you can arrange your books and where you can have a great time reading them. But how could you integrate a library into your home?

Well, whatever type of layout you have and no matter how big or small your space is, you can still have your own home library. That is good news for you. You don’t actually need a huge space for it. You don’t need to own a big home just to be able to create a home library. For those who are very much eager to have one, here are some tips that could help you incorporate a library into your home even if it has a small space.

1. Specify your needs.

Specify your needs This would be the basic thing to be considered in creating a home library. You need to know what you want and what you need for the place. You can determine the kind of lighting you need. You can also plan your layout, your accessories, your book arrangements and others. Try to consider the needs of other family members who will use the library, too. If you are ready, then you can now start decorating your home library.

2. Choose your location.

Choose your location It is very important for you to know where your location is. Determine how much space you have and look into the layout of your home. If you have a small space, then you can just provide a shelf or a cabinet for books and a little area designated for reading. You can even use your living room for reading if you really do not have enough space. A small corner that is quiet can already be a good home library. But if your space is big, you can have a separate room as library.

3. Asses your storage needs.

Asses your storage needs Try to determine how many books you have and how many books you are planning to have. This way, you will be able to determine the kind of bookshelf you would need. You can use a bookshelf from floor to ceiling if you really have a lot of books to place. You may also use open shelves if your books are not that so many. Try to fit the book shelf design to your home interior design concept.

4. Have good bookshelves.

Have good bookshelves Make sure that your bookshelves can secure your precious books. Check if it is installed well to avoid being ruined due to too much weight. Do not add many decorations like wood carvings to your bookshelf. Make it simple. Let your book arrangements and other accessories do the job for design. Choose the right bookshelf for your library. You can paint it with colors that you want. Also, it is very important to design bookshelves that allow good air-circulation to avoid your books to be fungy due to over-humidity.

5. Choose colors.

Choose colors You can choose the color of your library. It can be colorful if you want to. Choose colors that suit your home and that is relaxing. You can even use your favourite color for the library. If you want to use browns and greens like the old times, then you could. You actually have the freedom to choose the color you want.

6. Choose library furniture.

Choose library furniture After determining the space you have, you can now choose the furniture to use. You would always have a table and a chair in a library aside from the bookshelves. Your space can tell you how many tables and chairs you could place. You really do not necessarily pair a table and chair like the huge public libraries. You can also place the tables in a corner for a lamp or other decor. Choose simple furniture for your library and make sure that it is comfortable.

7. Library arrangement and layout.

Library arrangement and layout Have a good layout in your library. Make sure that it has a good traffic. Books should also have a good arrangement so that you will not have a hard time to look for the ones you will need. Have a separate bookshelf for new books.

8. Have proper lighting.

Have proper lighting Lighting is very important because you will do a lot of reading in the library. During the day, you can use natural light from windows. That would be enough for reading. During the night, you can use lamps, over head lights and other lights in the library. You can have wall-mounted lights and recessed lighting for decoration but not for reading. Choose a light that is bright but you can also add a dimmer so that you can also use the room for other purposes.

9. Go vertical.

Go vertical It would be wise to go vertical when it comes to your book storage for it can save space. You can use the full height of the wall for the books. Having vertical storage spaces can also allow you to have better home library furniture arrangements.

10. Place libraries near windows.

Place libraries near windows It would be better if your library is located near a window to allow natural light to come in especially during the day. You would not want to have a library that is dark and boxed in. Having a window can also give you a good view of the outdoors. It would be inspiring for you if you have a good view while reading.

For sure, you will be able to create your own home library with the tips above. But bear in mind also that home libraries are not only for those people who love books because you can actually turn that space into an area for board games. You can also relax in there while scanning a magazine. You will surely feel stress free and calm when you are in your home library.