Design Your Own Craft Room With a Blast

Every crafter has that dream to have their place to work. This way, ideas can freely flow and be applied through whatever we have in the room. I always wanted to have a craft room of my own. I would be very happy to see every single button and every roll of ribbon in my creative place. But I just don’t have a space to set up a craft room. All I have is a drawer where my craft stuffs are placed.

But for those who are blessed with a spare room that can be converted into a craft room, we are sure you want to get the loveliest and most organized craft room ever- that is what all crafters dream of! Since we have been sharing lots of DIYs and you are in the mood to create stuffs, it would be better to design your craft room first or revamp it if you already have one. I’ll share to you some tips on how you can design a craft room with a blast!

1. Check your room’s size and shape.

Check your room's size and shape

Johnny in a Dress

You know you can’t place just anything and everything in your craft room if it is small. That is why, before you start hunting for stuffs to place in it, you have to see to it that you have checked the size and shape of the room. Doing this will help you determine how much stuffs and furniture you can place in it. A spacious craft room would be nice for you can place more in it but be sure not to crowd it too, Always allocate plenty of room for movement and traffic.

2. Know what you need.

Know what you need

Diana Love Joyce Conley’n

Try to ask yourself what you need for the craft room. There might be certain equipment and appliances that you want to place in the area which will be a big help for what you will be working at. You might even want to have a sink in it for easy clean up. Always think of these items especially if it will need more space so that you can plan your layout well.

3. Select your colors.

Select your colors

The Adventures of Ordy and Joon

Most craft rooms are colorful which is also due to the items that we keep there from different colors of yarns to rolls of papers. But aside from that, think of what colors you want to use for your walls, furniture and storage areas. This way, you can create the mood of your space. You can first think of your fave color then add some other accents to it.

4. Decorate the walls.

Decorate the walls

Fynes Designs

No to a boring wall for your craft room! Put up some shelving on the wall if you need more storage. That could serve as a decor too. You can also use wallpapers, wall decals or just be creative with paint. Try painting a wall with stripes or chevron or just anything that will make you feel more excited to work each day! Of course, you can always put frames and other wall arts too.

5. Bring in the working table.

Bring in the working table


You would definitely need a working table. You can buy one or make one. Just see to it that it suits the way you work. You have to consider its size too to make sure that it will not be too big or too small for your space. But above all, it should be the right size for you.

6. Organize stuffs through shelves and cabinets.

Organize stuffs through shelves and cabinets


The last thing you want to happen is to see scattered stuffs around the craft room. That will make work a lot harder for you and you will be spending much time in looking for all those things when you need them. Avoid wasting your time searching for that button. Keep things in order inside small containers and arrange them well in shelves and cabinets. This way, your craft room will look neat.

7. Organize vertically.

Organize vertically

Now at Home Mom

Aside from the low cabinets, you can also have hanging cabinets. It will also be nice if you use peg boards to hold your tools. Most crafters use this because it is stylish and functional. You can paint the peg board into the color you want. Add hooks to the walls too where you can hang some items.

8. Bring life to your flooring.

Bring life to your flooring

The 36th Avenue

It is easy to do this. Just buy or make an area rug for your craft room and it will look even more beautiful. Whatever is your flooring, an area rug will never fail to upgrade its look. Place it under your working table and in the seating area that you have provided in the space.

9. Add creative window treatments.

Add creative window treatments

Shabby Story

Window treatments have a huge impact to a craft room. Show how creative you are through this. You can make your own curtains too. Some even use scrap fabrics to make a curtain. It will surely turn add some ounce of creativity to your craft room!

10. Make sure it is well-lighted.

Make sure it is well-lighted

Crafts Unleashed

Lighting is important because you will be working in the craft room. See to it that the space is well-lighted. Pick a good ceiling light that can provide you ample light for working. You can also put some lights near the shelves too so you can just turn it on when you need to find something. Don’t hesitate to add table lamps and floor lamps too.

I’m sure you’ll have a blast in designing your craft room! I think it is one space in the house that we can design with so much fun. There are no limits for your creativity. Just design according to how you want your room to look like just like what some creative minded people did to their own beautiful craft rooms. If you see what they did, you will be motivated to design your own craft space. Yours might look even much better!