20 Attractive Wooden Staircase Design

Wooden staircases are classy and add a touch of the outdoors.

They complement the look of old or new homes because of their natural look. Wood also has the natural tendency of looking more beautiful as time passes by, especially with proper care and handling. They are mostly hand-made, adding great value to the home.

Wood is also durable with less construction time, and they can be easily cleaned and maintained, and they can also be coated or varnished for added protection from the usual wear and tear of everyday use.

For this article, we are featuring 20 Attractive Wooden Staircase Design for your inspiration. Wood as a natural material is perfect for those who prefer a “touch of nature” to their home. They are made with different designs, styles and types. Whichever style you prefer, take a look below and take your pick.

Apple Farm

wooden staircase design

Moon Bros Inc

This beautiful wooden staircase with wide treads and wide planks is near the window for a nice view of the outside.

Craftsman Style in Burlingame Stair

traditional staircase

Mark Brand Architecture

This beautiful traditional staircase has a classic look to it. The wide final step, white walls and wooden stairs combination is classy.

Bryant Remodel

simple wooden staircase

Floisand Studio Architects & Design

Another beautiful yet simple wooden staircase. The open wood rails, and vertical wood slats gives it a contemporary look.

Willoughby Way

chocolate contemporary

Charles Cunniffe Architects

This chocolate coloured contemporary staircase is elegant as well as simple. With its dark wood floors, nice curves and glass railings is surely perfect for a traditional inspired home.

Walnut Residence

hardwood banisters

International Custom Designs

This staircase is for a home designed by International Custom Design. The hardwood banisters, dark wood and white walls combined is simple yet attractive.

Entry Foyer/Hallway


Koch Architects, Inc.

This simple yet beautiful wooden staircase is simply pretty and perfect for a barn or a cottage. The shelves under the stairs are perfect for storing items as well.

Belvedere Avenue Residence

grand staircase

Sutton Suzuki Architects

This grand staircase was the center of the whole interior design for this home. The white walls and hardwood provides a great look and contemporary look to the home.

Goodwin Project- Phase 1

modern design

En2 Development Corp

A space-saving modern staircase is unique and perfect for small interiors because it has a landing and changes direction to fit the profile of the home.

Tietjen Foyer

double stairs

Paula Grace Designs, Inc.

This grand traditional staircase is perfect for a grand-entrance. The double stairs and Brazilian cherry wood floors gives it the traditional elegance suited for the home.


wooden staircase design

Michael Abrams Limited

Another traditional staircase with neutral colours is warm to eyes but still manages to be elegant.

Getty Residence


David Johnston Architects

This elegant and charming curved customize staircase actually has bamboo as treads, supported by steal with glass railings. Isn’t it charming?

Sweeping Stair Case

dark wood floors

Oak Hill Iron

Another traditional staircase with dark wood floors and hand forged interior railings providing originality to the home.

Tropical Craftsman

simple design

Gardner Mohr Architects LLC

This traditional wood staircase is charming yet simple. This is designed by Gardner Mohr Architects.


lower height homes

WL Bars & Interiors

This traditional staircase can be an alternative for lower height homes that like the elegant looking staircases. It is mostly made of oak so it lasts long and easy to maintain.




This intricately done contemporary staircase is a beauty. The entry looks welcoming because it looks wider than the rest of the treads and it is also very stylish.

Flyway Drive Residence

white wood


This traditional staircase is mostly made of wood and traditional in every sense. The white wood moulding and paneling combined with the brown wooden treads makes it as elegant as ever.

Lobster Boat Residence

floating treads

Chadbourne + Doss Architects

Another simple modern staircase that is custom made with floating treads and bar supporting the open wooden treads.

Santa Monica

double traditional

Toblesky- Green Architects

Another double traditional staircase yells elegance and class. It is custom made to fit the home’s entrance.


Hand-made wood

Siller Treppen

Hand-made wood helical staircase perfect for small spaces yet gives elegance due to its unusual shape.

Wooden Steps

wooden staircase design

Matthias Haker Photography

A helical staircase with wooden steps. The colour of the steps blends well with the whole look of this beautiful staircase.

As featured above, those wooden staircase design are a beauty. They provide elegance and beauty even to simple homes. Wood as a medium for construction is widely used because of the artistry applied in creating that stairway that is perfect for the home.