10 Unique Wash Basins for Your Dream Bathroom

Wash Basins are made from different materials like : stainless steel, enamel over steel or cast iron, ceramic, marble, plastic, soapstone, concrete, terrazzo, wood, stone, copper, glass or granite. Too many right? Name it, and the manufacturers would sure be able to create one just for you. That is how they always come forth and make new designs – for client’s request or maybe due to the demand at hand. Every household would like to have their furniture or fixtures for that matter to be one of a kind and special. Specially-made wash basins usually cost a fortune, that is why users just choose whatever are at the shops. But of course that does mean unique and good looking wash basins that are affordable is not available for our dream bathrooms right?

So, speaking of bathrooms, whenever it is being discussed, it is usually the tub or the shower that comes to mind. But hey, have you imagined how your wash basin would look like? What would be the color, the shape, the material, and who may be even the designer? Have you ever thought that wash basins actually come in a variety of looks that would really entice us? Yes, they do. In fact, for today’s read, we will be showcasing a series of designs for you to take a look at and see which one you’d want to get for your dream bathroom. Below are pictures for you to choose from. Let see them one by one.




Abisko became popular when Eumar and WeThink collaborated in April 2012 to create a new bathroom collection. This rare beauty sure looks regal with its red tilework on the background.


lavatory abisko

Sandro Meneghello

This wash basin is the stylistic evolution of the health cow. The designers thought of a design with soft corners so as the create a feel of flirtatiousness and playfulness all at the same time.

Fusion II


Wet by Wet

Fusion II is one of the most colorful wash basins you can see in the market. This design also is powered with LED lights.


lavatory kon


A unique washbasin with curves acquiring a shape that would add a soft touch to your bathrooms.



Evgeniy Guliy

This wash basin is a product created by Evgeniy Guliy for the Festival of Product Design (Vodoparad 2008). This colorful set will be great for people who has restaurants or food establishments or for anyone who likes colorful items for their homes.



Oriano Favaretto

The Kalla wash basin is made of a single block of Cristalplant and evolved like a wave accompanying us to the bathtubs.




The Ammonite is shaped as a fossilised ammonite made in concrete. This unique wash basin come in gret, sand, red and even ochre.

Cup Appoggio

cup appoggio lavatory

This cup like wash basin was created as tribute to a regular coffee cup with its handle serving as a towel holder.


finalwire lavatory

Meneghello Paolelli Associati

This design is basically a classic wash basin, although the materials were sort of minimized with intertwining the body of the wash basin to give it elegance and a unique touch which also makes the material lighter than normal.


lavatory stalactite

Olga Krysukova

Stalactites are popular for people who are fond of visiting caves, but for those who are not – here is one heck of a wash basin that resembles a stalactite.

The unique designs that we have presented today surely charmed us with how they would possibly go with our very own bathrooms. They look all modern, out of this world maybe, but all in all, the wash basin designs that were presented in this article impressed us and inspired us to do away with mainstream wash basin designs that are available in our local home depots.