The Splendid Ambience in the Albatross Residence by BGD Architects

Spotted here is an exclusive residence seated in Mermaid Beach, Queensland Australia. The designer said that this house is created to accommodate a growing family that usually accepts a large number of guests. The name of this house is called Albatross Residence. As we enter the house there is recycled timber colonnade and gatehouse that provides access to both wings of the house. In the street front facing wing, it accommodates guests through its living space, kitchen and bathroom amenities. There is a secondary stair which is connected to the main media, bar and the game room.

With the area of 1,500 square meter this Albatross Residence has a wide hallway that envelops the central courtyard on the ground floor and the first floor. The centralized amenities in the house provide an easy access and circulation to guarantee the best functions and features in the house. In fact the louvred glazing is used in the entire house to be able to control the ventilation by natural breezes. On the other hand, the upper level of the house secures the ground floor’s quality and design functionality. It continues the best function used in the materials and space in the house.

All the bedrooms in this residence can get a good view of the beachfront orientation because of its broad width. Each bedroom has its own ensuite and walk in robe. While the private master suite is proud for the client can take the full advantage of the beach views and courtyard as well. There are many amazing features that this house can offer. So we may allow you to explore more of the interior and the exterior of this Albatross Residence below.

Albatross Residence

The clean landscape and its lighting effectively display a peaceful ambience here.

Splendid home Ambience

The excellent and high quality materials are seen in the furniture set in this interior.

Architecture houses

Through its open glassed door the full sunlight in the morning is captured in this huge living room.

glass door wood frame

The fully furnished living space is visible in this open sliding door that welcomes the natural ventilation from the exterior.

Dining Room

The different lines and texture may surely be observed from the dining space to the living area of this house.

Dining set

This large circle chandelier placed at the top of this dining table adds more artistic element in this area.


The LED lights used in the ceiling create a more dramatic and luxurious effect on this open space interior.

beautiful fireplace design

This area is one of the best highlight in the house that surprisingly sets a romantic mood.

Shelves design

The careful distinction of the lines and shapes from this shelves to the door and windows are seen here.

Entertainment area

In the lower level of the house this entertainment space is designated to provide more stress free zone.


While in this bedroom, the client may see the oceanic view while resting and relaxing.

Bathroom design

Here is the master bathroom that showcased the rough and smooth texture from its ceiling, floor, walls and cabinets.

Bathroom sink view

The shower area is separated by this glassed wall and you may see the brick wall utilized here to provide a contrast texture among the others.


Walking in this hallway is one of the best experiences in the house while the client is unwinding from its stressful work in the office.

trellis patio design

The designer set chairs here so that the homeowner may take the full advantage of the swimming pool in the exterior.

swimming pool design

Trees are provided in the other side of this pool to maintain the tropical theme in this area.

Pool lighting

From the second level of the house, the enchanting effect from the lights in the swimming pool is seen.

Albatross Residence

The landscape in the exterior underlines the elegance seen in the interior of the first and second level space of the house.

As you have seen the entire house above, you may observe that the interior and exterior paints finishes of natural timber and stone that sets a tropical, modern and comfortable ambience as well. Well the tall mature trees completely match the scale of the house. The lighting of the landscape at night secures comfort and serenity of the place. Well the success of the house design will not realized without the great expertise of the BGD Architects . Once again we hope that you will get another set of inspiration and ideas on todays featured house.