The Classy Malvern House in Melbourne

Situated in the leafy suburb of Malvern, Melbourne is an elegant house built in cleverly stepped location from front to back across the three simple levels at the ground floor. This is capable of maintaining the flow and accentuating the sense of transition through its interiors. This house also successfully displays the flexibility and adaptability of the Lubelso range of homes. This is said to be composed of a proportioned design and a flexible floor plan that accommodates the room for everyone.

It has three integrated living spaces, four expansive bedrooms and a study room. This also has a two-car garage. The base plan of the house has some additional features such as an in ground cellar with automated trap door, an 8x3m swimming pool match with a great landscaping that includes proper irrigation, lighting and decorative pond.

Also it has several improvements which include the widening of the sizeable garage, taken to the boundary to make an additional storage for bikes and other home handyman. While the arrival area is completed with personal storage space intended for school equipment which caters the home to family requirements. Then the rear alfresco entertaining area offers the enough space for outdoor entertainment and family BBQ’s activity secluded by a cantilevered roof. Now why don’t we take a look at the images below of the interior and exterior of this Malvern House?

Malvern House design

You may notice how the designer combines the different shapes and volumes to come up with this sophisticated exterior.


Get a closer look at the home’s exterior showing strong lines for a modern touch.

Living Room

Fine white furniture is perfectly complements with the white palette used in the ceilings and walls of this living space.

Interior design

The combination of dark brown and smooth white color for the furniture and floor is enough to maintain the balance in this interior. The beige sofa stands out in the middle of the living area with a white palette from its walls and ceiling.

Classy home design

Certainly the designer carefully thinks of the proper arrangement of the furniture and wall decorations in this kitchen and dining space.


Obviously the first rate fixture is utilized in this kitchen to maintain the luxurious concept of the designer for this house.

Melbourne home design

See how the wall art design highlighted the flawless white palette used in the walls and ceiling of this interior.

Office room

Here is the spacious study room in this house where comfort and peace are found through its airy space.

chair set

Let’s check how the designer used this amazing wall art design to make a connection to the exterior space.


Even in this large bedroom the comfort and stress free zone is observed with the help of its excellent rated mattress and other furniture here.

Dressing Room

Here is a large closet for the private stuff of the client that is arranged systematically.


Even in this bathroom you will feel peace and serenity as you used this for refreshing yourself.

shower area

The designer also uses the latest fixture and glass material in the shower room to have a more spacious bathroom.

lawn area

In the morning, the table near the swimming pool area is the best space where you may relax and enjoy the green plants in the surroundings.

swimming Pool

This lap pool certainly offers cool and refreshing water that is enough to ease your stress and worries.

home lighting

In the evening, the geometric volumes of this house are emphasized through its lightings installed by the designer in the exterior and interior as well.


The study room is visibly seen from the outside because of the glassed wall used here.

Pool at Night

Even at night this area shows the promising serenity in this pool area and its landscape.

Exterior Night 2

Every detail of the interior is defined in this area as the open glassed door and window is utilized here.

Malvern House

Definitely, the lighting material in this space plays the vital role in proving its luxury and elegance in this house.

As you can see in the images above you will see the high ceilings and extensive window walls that ensure the wonderful ambient light and a peaceful sense of space. It is accompanied by the fine details of the interior with the exquisite joinery and warm oak flooring. Well, this house is said to be made out of environmental sustainable design standards. This remains to be naturally cool in summer and warm in winter which saves energy costs for luxurious and comfort for the entire year.

Hence, this house is proud of its luxurious architectural pre-designed home. The excellent quality aesthetics, materials and build with the flexibility to suit varied range of requirements. This Malvern home that sits in a perfectly modern urban landscape is combined with classy looks with cutting edge building technology, materials and systems. It also has a Bose sound system, air phone, automated remote controlled trapdoor to cellar, audio-video intercom and alarm system. The – Lubelso has successfully designed this Classy Malvern House in Melbourne.