Mill Valley Home in California: A Church turned into a Stylish House

How does it feel when you get to have a house which serves formerly as a church? I think your designers must be very meticulous in re-decorating the area most especially when the house got a very old age. It must be a big consideration that your designers must maintain the solemnity of the area that it has once before. I know that you may have that weird feeling inside and thinking that churches can never be converted into residential house, asking if “is it really possible?” then, take a tour on this featured house for today to answer your question.

Way back 1930; this building was previously a community church in Mill Valley, California. In this recent time, it already serves as a comfortable living space for a young family of six. The idea to remove the dropped sheetrock ceiling was for the purpose to show up the vaulted ceiling. By this it reveals the original church’s wood truss system which is very prominent from the living room all the way to the kitchen. The design of the kitchen was requested to be created as a professional grade that would fit the passion of the man of the house. Since, the area got an open floor space the kitchen got a divider wall that separates the back wall and the kitchen island. Everything in this house got beautiful surfaces and finishes that give a comfortable place for this family.

Mill Valley Home As you can see through the exterior we may say that the freshness of this house extends into its interior.

HSH Interior The entry porch is just small but it gives a beautiful look on the front facade of this home.

entry Interior It would be very inviting when you got to place chandelier in your entry foyer to give a grand welcome.

living room The living room has a simple design with a rustic look brought by the wooden truss system.

television The empty space is allocated for the television set, providing entertainment during relaxation in this living room.

dining room The dining room has also a simple look but still very functional during meal times.

steel chair These chairs are very old and rusty but still it contributes to the vintage look of the house.

kitchen island This kitchen looks very functional and spacious. The kitchen island is made from pewter which compliments perfectly to the design.

kitchen appliances The kitchen has a divider which separates the cooking and the storage area and at the same time it is built with cabinet for storage and houses the cooking range.

pantry This wall-to-wall built-in cabinet gives a wide space for storing utensils and other kitchen wares.

master bedroom The master bedroom is gorgeously decorated with a queen size bed and a sitting area which makes the room look comfortable.

bathroom sink The bathroom has a classic sink which gives a transitional look to the bathroom.

built-in bench The bathroom has a built-in bench used may be for some period of relaxation after or before bath.

toilet This house got a separate toilet for some moment of meditation.

bathtub The free-standing bathtub is very stylish and undoubtedly will offer a good bath.

bathroom vanity But of course, bathroom vanity should never be out of place, the gold pipes and fixtures gives a luxurious effect.

church bell It would be an interesting idea to have a church bell in homes that would serve as the alarm for household.

exterior backyard The bell tower really shows that this house was formerly used as a church.

This transformation of a church into a house was certainly a job well done for HSH Interior. What I love most in this structure is the style that the designer used – combining the old and the new, modern and classic, colors black, white, grey and brass creating a perfect concept.