A Simple Yet Elegant Single Family House in Cambeses

Some houses do away with the usual manner of structural and architectural building. Some go beyond the usual ways and intelligently create better ways to make a home suitable to its lot area and environment. For sure, houses with these unique touches makes its own name worldwide especially if the structure has considered very important aspects in the environment. When some designers will just take that for granted, the builders and designers of our featured house really went deeper into these details creating a simple yet complicated house design.

It wasn’t an easy task for Rui Grazina to design this single family house in Cambeses, Barcelos, Portugal. The house is built in a very steep typography and has considered the sun and other needs of the homeowners. One look at the house in a single angle would confuse you if it has one or two storeys. On the west side, the house only has one storey while there are two at the east side. This is done in this manner due to the typography of the area. It is amazing how the designers thought of this design especially with the creation of an underground parking area. The walkway towards the entrance has two concrete walls that also create a barrier between the ramp and this path. It is an intelligent design for both car and foot access.

The site is located in a forest space which gives it a good natural environment. The designation of rooms inside the house was done by considering the sunrise. Areas for gathering were placed on the ground floor while the private areas were located at the second floor. The exterior architectural design of the house uses flat surfaces and lines which gives it a pan-like appearance. Even the roof area is flat and the furniture it uses inside also uses sleek lines. The house is modern and the structural design is very impressive. Let us see some images of the Cambeses Barcelos House.

Cambeses Barcelos The right exterior of the house where you can see the minimalist interior design through its glass wall and sliding glass doors.

Elegant home design A clearer view of the house including its underground car ramp and concrete walled walkways.

Family House design The second floor area of the house which can only be seen on the eastern side.

Cambeses home design The living room at the east side of the house which is one good point of the home.

indoor lightings The dining and living area at the ground floor of the house and a terrace in the middle second floor area.

lawn area This side of the house is private and calm as it faced the south in relation to quality of exposure from the sun.

outdoor hallway This is the walkway towards the front entrance of the house which is designed according to the steep typography of the lot.

ramp A ramp leading to the underground parking area of the house which is one feature that makes it unique.

door pathway A closer look at the walkway made of concrete and the entrance area of the house.

black dining set Minimalist dining area with solid colors that made it look simple yet stunning.

minimal black white kitchen The simple small kitchen has white and black colors and good lighting that makes it more clean and organized.

bathroom A glass ceiling makes this white modern comfort room well-lighted.

powder area Another comfort room located near the stairs that made use of a large mirror and white paint to make it appear visually large.

staircase Interior view of the second floor towards the private areas of the house including a small terrace.

glass wall A glass wall and sliding glass door a the east part of the house allocating a little space for a porch.

Cambeses Barcelos The second floor area also uses glass wall and a glass door leading to the balcony.

The house is indeed unique and just appropriate for a small family. Aside from the good design, it also gives privacy to the homeowners and a truly comfortable living. With its quite complicated structure, it took time to build the house. The Engiaço Construction Techniques Ltd started building it in November 2008 and finished it in 2011. But no matter how long the time was in building it, the result is really worth it. A light frame system is used on top of the concrete structure with an exterior insulation finishing system. On the west side of the house is a buried area creating an underground parking space built with the use of a load bearing concrete frame.

Meanwhile, the interior of the house uses wood and dry-lining systems with apt furnishings. All these things made up the entire house. From the structural design to the architectural and interior design, it was all well planned by Rui Grazina and all the other workforce that made this unique house possible. For sure, after seeing the house, you will agree with us that this is indeed a simple yet complicated house design.