Russian Hills Residence: Certified LEED Construction

In constructing homes and buildings it is important that every working team of engineers and architects must consider the practice to build the so called “Green Building” design concept. The green building design concept deals with the structures and the usage process that is environment-friendly and resource-efficient construction. Its intention focuses on the safety of human health and natural environment. It is thereby achieved through an efficient use of energy, water and other sources and more importantly by decreasing waste and pollution. This is then being rated by the system Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). The featured house for today strongly exemplifies an LEED design.

This eco-friendly house is located in San Francisco covering an area of 5,800 square feet. The house contains three bedrooms, five full baths, three fireplaces, two fire pits and an elevator to all floors. This house displays geometric shapes and clean lines. The interior of the house is designed with contemporary furniture and styles. To maintain well-ventilated, open living space and to let natural lights come into the house, glass walls and roofing was installed. The most exciting part of this house is the roof deck where you can enjoy wide scenic views of the surroundings. Take a tour on this house and learn more about LEED design.

exterior russian hills John Maniscalo The walls are beautifully designed with glass revealing the wonderful design of the house.

russian hills John Maniscalo The walls of the gate are made from bricks that make the look of the house elegant and luxurious.

John Maniscalo The staircase is very simple yet still very inviting and brings a bright welcome.

modern living room This living room is designed with a modern look by using modern style of sofa set and lounge chairs.

fireplace To make the place warmer, fireplace will always be a perfect idea to add in a living room.

glass doors To add sufficient light to the area folding glass doors are a very beautiful design.

kitchen The kitchen is very clean but gets a rustic design with those wooden bar stools.

breakfast table The breakfast table is very elegant and clean with a shade of white.

dining room The dining room is designed with a rectangular table and hanged with a chandelier at the center.

master bedroom This is the master bedroom with a beautiful view from the outside that can be seen from the glass

headboard The headboard is quite high which is very elegant, and the planters outside gets a closer feel of nature.

daybed You can have your own moment in that day bed while staring at the glowing fire in the fireplace.

bathroom vanity The bathroom gets a luxurious design with the marble tops and the cabinetry that are made from oaks.

shower room It looks very refreshing when you incorporate plants in your areas.

bathtub Enjoy a refreshing moment with a free-standing bath.

modern homeoffice You can always add a home office where you can do your works privately.

glass staircase The floors are made from glass that continues to the roof deck to provide enough light inside the house.

backyard patio What a beautiful landscape! The area may be small but unique ideas can be applied.

fire pit Your patio will always be warmer with a fire pit.

rooftop Sunset and sunrise would always be a perfect spot from here.

sliding roof glass The roofs are made from sliding glass to bring a natural light to the indoors.

facade russian hills John Maniscalo The facade exemplifies a house that is environmentally friendly.

What can you say about this house? Are you inspired to create a house that is eco-friendly? Well I guess we must practice it to help mother-nature and by saving the future of our children. This actual house is designed by John Maniscalo and is actually for sale amounting to 7 million dollars. But of course, do not be startled with the big amount, you can always have a house which is eco-friendly that would not cost this much.