Mirador House: Elevated Modern Home on a Cliff in Chile

The house is elevated from the ground and sits on a cliff.

Many times we have talked about the location of a house and how it affects the feel of the home. We have mentioned about having a good view in the surroundings and how nature has a great impact to the way of living of the homeowners. There are some who prefer to build their homes in rural areas or those that are far from the city in order to get the feel of nature and relax. Well, most of us would want to relax especially after a long week of work. We all need to de-stress and rest. We are humans after all. Even gadgets need rest to function well. How much more for humans? Today, we are going to show you a house that is built on a cliff since the owners wanted a home away from the city.

The Mirador House in Tunquén, Chile is perched above a steep cliff with views of the ocean. This house is also known as Casa Tunquén because of its location. The home is located in Punta Del Gallo, one hour and forty-five minutes from Santiago, has an extraordinary landscape and view. According to the owners, they enjoy the area so much that they are there as often as they can. “Because in this solitude we find our being and development, dedicating ourselves to reading, writing, watching, walks and talks,” the owner added. They imagined a house that is elevated from the terrain with a lovely view of both land and sea and this is exactly what they got. Even from far away, the house can be seen from the coast and the field because of its location and architecture, highlighting the main floor supported by a smaller base volume, showing symmetrical cantilevered areas. Let us take a look at the house below.

Location: Tunquén, Chile

Designer: Gubbins Arquitectos

Style: Modern

Number of Levels: One-storey

Unique feature: A modern house located on a cliff elevated from the terrain.

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Mirador House You’d be surprised to see that this house is actually on top of a cliff. And it looks so beautiful and glorious. It would surely make anyone curious too! The design of the house made it unique and beautiful.

Gubbins Arquitectos We cannot question why the owners fell in love with this location. Just look at this view! The beauty of both land and sea is seen here which is the desire of the home owner. Anyone would love to live in a home like this.

chile house The architectural concept of the house use basic geometry with a solar orientation and communication with the site. The design indeed has that geometric design that is both beautiful and attractive.

chile House design The house rises from the ground ascending to the main floor by a ramp. It is comprised of a large meeting space that is connected to two terraces that open to the sea and the countryside. It has two departments on both sides.

tunguen House outdoor The exterior of the house has a concrete finish but it looks nice with an industrial flare. The finish of the house seems to let it blend with nature around it. It has windows around it made of glass.

tunguen House cliff Aside from the ramp that leads to the house, the windows of different positions and geometric design add to its modern appeal. The house with a sleek design that sits near the cliff is like a contrast to the rough huge rocks around it.

modern House architecture The view of the ocean gives a refreshing feel to the entire home with glass railings and windows. The roof deck is also a good spot to watch the waters and to get the relaxing feel from the sky.

tunguen House side The house has a lower area which bears the load of the upper area which is the main space of the house. It sure has a unique design indeed. Glass is used everywhere in the house with windows of different shapes.

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dining area The center of the great space in the house is a double height area through which sunlight enters during the morning and the evening. It has a spiral staircase through which one may exit via a spiral-staircase to the roof terrace from which dominates the entire area.

modern terrace The terrace of the house with glass railings and stainless steel is a good match to the materials used in the house. It has a skylight too that illuminates the area aside from the light brought in from the opening of the terrace.

living room The interior of the house has a black steel spiral staircase in the living room. It has black chairs inside with a gallery of photos on the wall.

Mirador House view From a distance, the beauty of the house is seen especially that it is a lone home there. It looks scary to go up in the place with all the rocks but of course you won’t do a mountain climbing to get there.

Beautiful. A house that is close to nature would always have that beauty making it a lovely place for anyone to live in. This house is designed by Gubbins Arquitectos who did a great job. Obviously, there were many structural considerations for this house. Even merely elevating it from the ground is already a challenge. The ramp that leads to the house is also a good idea to make things easy for the homeowners in reaching to the house. It does look different from other homes. I can tell that they spent time for the structural analysis of this house because of its design and position. This house is one example that no matter how complicated is the location and design of a structure, it can be made possible with the collaboration of brilliant minds. What can you say about this house?