Cost-Effective Use of Wood in the Lumber Shaped-Box House in Indonesia

What really matters when we started to decide planning the house design for our future home? Well maybe you may mention about comfort, sustainability and elegance. Yes these are the three most important factors to consider when choosing the best dream home design. I personally choose to have a house with high energy efficiency and Eco-friendliness.

Yes, that is why today I am going to share to you one of the best house design that features extreme energy efficiency with Eco-friendly features. This house is situated in Jakarta Indonesia. With an area of 296.0 square meters, this house is completed successfully in the year 2013. Popularly it is known as the Lumber Shaped-Box House and was built in a modern spirit with strong geometrical elements. Well, let us check the secrets behind its name through the selected images photographed by Fietter Chalim below.

Lumber Shaped-Box House Low consumption of energy is achieved in this space with the help of the floor-to-ceilings glassed wall set in the first level of the house.

Effective Use of Wood You may realize how the designer significantly uses wood materials in the house.

Indonesia house design See how the plants improved the look of this glazed framed terrace and made this livelier.

house wood design We cannot deny the unique pattern of the wood elements that compliments with the stones and concrete of this wall.

galvanized steel Concrete and wood materials are effective when creating a modern edifice.

staircase Volumes and shapes of the walls are well-presented here which made the house distinct.

wood bench Wooden chairs matched seamlessly with the interiors character and quality.

wood flooring What we can see here is contrasting texture of the white wall and the natural polished wooden floor.

modern kitchen Even in this modern kitchen the designer use the wooden cabinets and tables.

kitchen design The choice of the designer and client to maximize the use of the wood materials in the kitchen reveals it modern style.

stone wall Here is the stone-made wall that made this area stands out among the others.

staircase Wooden stairs may not just add great style and class to the interior but also allow the client to explore the second level of the house.

bathroom You will be wowed with the spacious wooden and glazed bathroom that may certainly offer contentment and relaxation.

garden See how these bricks and plants in the garden provide an artistic effect to the concrete walls.

Lumber Shaped-Box House The consistency and quality of the pattern of this wooden wall is stressed here.

I can say that the Atelier Riri is really successful for its best design and material that stressed sustainability. Definitely the shape of the building has a strong expression for the city space surrounding it. The use of wooden elements is a strong campaign to draw the people back to use wood materials as the local materials. Neither reuse nor certified wood may be used because the wood value from wood commodity in Indonesia can support the Indonesian’s economic status. If you think you are located in the same type of situation, will you choose wood for your house?