Exquisite Laidley Street Residence in San Francisco, California

How are we going to define the best contemporary house that we may consider our dream house? What are the best features that you long for to make it possible in your dream house? Well it is true that we have list of preferences when it comes to describing the contemporary house that we ideally called as our dream house. We have a shortlist of different features that we consider the best qualities that we search for the best home. Today we will be sharing to you a contemporary house named Laidley Street Residence.

This residence is specifically located in the Glen Park, a neighborhood of San Francisco, California. This is a ground-up residence that employs the natural light throughout the day, captures the amazing views of a wind-swept park, and makes a strong visual to the split-level road at the front of the property. Let’s take the full advantage of the different areas of the house through the images below.

Laidley Street Residence The elegant furniture and decors in the interiors are well displayed through the glass wall in the house.

San Francisco California Lights in the exterior also underline the astounding look of the house design.

exterior design Modest lines and figures are emphasized in the structure of the house building here.

staircase Exquisite lines and dimensions are clearly observed in the entrance area as you can see the staircase here.

living room Here’s the geometric shape of the cabinets and sofa that jives with the house structure and concept.

wooden built-in cabinet A wooden texture in the cabinets is stressed here that contrasts with the flawless texture of the concrete wall.

white dining table White and trendy furniture is utilized effectively in the interior that captivates the client’s heart as well.

kitchen island Grey, brown and white palette is successfully utilized in the living spaces that speak of comfort.

kitchen area Clean and neat kitchen is well presented in this area that is also graced with these unique lamps.

dining area Square and cube shape chairs are harmonized with the table in the dining space.

terrace Glassed framed terrace also adds elegance and luxury in the interior.

wall art Wall art are also secured in the second floor of the house to enhance its look.

bedroom Spacious bedroom is also highlighted with this modern and exceptional furniture as well as the sliding glassed door that access the garden outside.

outdoor lounge See how the designer realized to put these two chairs outside the bedroom that will also allow the client to feel the natural ventilation.

Laidley Street Residence Natural light is also available in this hygienic and neat bathroom because of the glassed wall.

With the incredible images of the house above, we can definitely say that the Michael Hennessey Architecture has effectively utilized the amazing views in the surroundings to come up with a contemporary house design. What I really loved the most among the features of the house is its interior design where the exterior is accessible. The homeowner may experience the natural light and fresh air for its open and transparent concept and layout. We hope that you may find this house helpful in making your future house a unique and elegant one.