Creative and Comfortable Interiors of the Gap Residence in Australia

Brisbane, Australia is the perfect place where we can see this contemporary house design named as the Gap Residence. With an area of 2575 square meter level site, its structure can be compared to a rectangular box. Behind the rectangular box design is a creative architectural concept and landscape principles design that will definitely amazed the client and its guest. This has a large veranda which is connected closely to the living areas and kitchen.

Sustainability is also highlighted in its design for the designer’s keen choice of materials to be used in the house. This materials are said to have a long life cycle and with low maintenance level. One of its bedrooms can be accessed by sunlight every morning to reduce the use of electricity. The main living area of this house is located in a double-volume space which is overlooked by the master’s bedroom. For that the owner can still view the living space while resting on his bedroom. Now let us check the different elements used by the designer to fulfill the goal of completing the Gap Residence design through the images below.

Gap Residence Let’s take a look at the astounding exterior together with the elements of this house in the middle of flourishing plants and trees.

Comfortable Interiors In man’s eye view, the house form and shape is highlighted here that reveals the amazing exterior.

Australia home design The lines and smooth texture of the glass material is well presented here and the interior is visibly seen here.

galvanized steel home A combination of yellow, white and silver palette in the house building is enough to display its unique character.

wood elements The wooden materials in this area help in connecting the house closely to the nature.

decking The designer set this area for client’s perfect zone to unwind and relax from the busy city life.

white sofa set Behind the simple elements in the exterior is a classy and elegant interior.

red kitchen Take a look at the clean and fine texture of the furniture and accessories well arranged in the interior.

staircase This exclusive stairs may allow the client to explore more of the second level of the interior.

wood flooring The glassed walls allow the sunlight to access this area where the client can sit down and take the full advantage of the panoramic views outside.

working desk The designer securely creates a comfortable working area for the client as the designer made use of warm color of furniture and paint here.

house lighting At night the extraordinary features of this house stand out with elegance.

led light The LED lights installed in this area are capable of presenting its wooden elements and lines.

house light When the sun sets, the house can still afford to maintain its comfort ability and charm.

Gap Residence The lights all over the house extremely made this house sparkle in the dark.

As you have witnessed the different spaces in this house, you may not just enjoy but be captivated by the amazing features that the designer secures in its design and style. The idea of presenting a lovely, relaxing and functional home that may be able to disconnect its inhabitants from the city was successfully achieved by the Guymer Bailey Architects. One significant feature of this house is the terrace where one can unwind and feel the comfort of great ambiance of its location. We hope that once again we have provided you another set of inspiration and ideas in having a comfortable house features.