Stunning Skylights in the Fitzroy Park House in North London

Indeed the design and style of our house would also depend on the type of location that we have chosen. Yet the best results of the design and style of our house may be affected on the location that will best fit the senses of the clients. Today, we will see how the designer perfectly matched the type of the location to the design of this house. This house is named as the Fitzroy Park House which is specifically seated in North London.

This newly built family home is actually within the Highgate Conservation Area in which it replaces the late 1950s house. The designer takes the full advantage of the sloping site in building new additional spaces within the lower garden level. The house is surrounded by these beautiful and natural landscape. Its position is set back from the Fitzroy Park with a minimal stone and metal bridge and its name is obviously taken from its location, too. Scroll down the page and enjoy the natural details of the house through the images below.

Stanton Williams See how these bridge leads into the center of the house and it welcomes the sustainable lights down to the lower garden level.

Fitzroy Park House Incredible volumes and smooth texture of the building is highly emphasized in this area.

garden lawn area Clean landscape provide a great heights in this house building with this glassed and wooden materials of the house.

wooden exterior pattern The wooden patterns and black color of the building creates a very comfortable and modern home.

orb chandelier Unique and exceptional design of these chandeliers perfectly blended with the design of the interior.

living room lighting Round chandeliers in the interiors create a more romantic and great ambiance in this living space.

interior design In the morning, the client may certainly see the beauty of the garden and patio.

round kitchen table See this round table in this spacious kitchen that may highlighted its unique and sophisticated design.

minimal elegant kitchen Looking closely at this simple yet conventional kitchen you will see its amazing functions.

staircase Durable and conventional staircase is set here to allow the client explore more of the different levels of the house.

second floor view At the second level of the house, you may witness the different astounding areas of the ground level as well as the exterior.

glass wall The patterns of the wooden ceilings and floor in this space harmonized with the texture of the glassed walls.

piano room A piano is also designated in this area where unique and modern style of chairs is placed.

bedroom Floor-to-ceiling glassed walls in this bedroom allows the homeowner to experience the sustainable light every morning.

bathroom Skylights is also experienced in this wooden and contemporary designed bathroom even during daytime.

Fitzroy Park House At night, the undeniable charm of the exterior is accessible from this beautiful garden.

Set of images photographed by Edmund Sumner and Hufton+Crow is very effective in explaining the details of the house. The Stanton Williams definitely allows the mature trees to be retained and enhanced its peaceful environment. The surrounding plays the most important role in creating an artistic and at the same time modern house design here. Its design is intended to be naturally ventilated and well-insulated. Skylights placed strategically at various zones in the house.