Lovely Visual Connection in the Berrima House in Singapore

Today’s house feature is the Berrima House which is built for a family in Singapore. The design of the house encourages social interaction and visual connection. The exterior have beautiful strip voids that is one feature that made it unique and gorgeous. The house has two wings that flows into a courtyard garden. You could also see full height sliding doors in which is a good way to give unobstructed views to the outdoor scene as well as allow natural light to come in.

This contemporary house also uses glass in many areas which also make it appear more beautiful and cozy as well. It has a lovely landscaping too that matched with the look of the house. Despite being sort of transparent, it could still keep its privacy through its low concrete fencing and concrete walls for the exterior. Now, let us check out the house design below:


Anyone who passes by this house would surely look back to take another glimpse of its beauty. You can see here the strip voids that we mentioned earlier.

Park + Associates

For this side of the house, it used glass for its walls. You can see the floor beam that separates the lower and upper level.

Berrima House

Aside from the house exterior that you see here, you can also get a good look at its greenery which is also clearly seen from indoors.


With the sliding glass walls open, the interior is being exposed to the outdoor scene just like that kitchen.


A beautiful home won’t be complete without a pool. This is the geometric infinity pool that has a design that looks perfect with the sleek look of the house.


We have been seeing too much glass from the images above but on this area you can see wood and concrete too.


That void in the center of the wall is a nice way to allow light to get in the area.


A hallway in the house that is surrounded with glass walls.


This bathroom has that marble look for the flooring, tub and even for the vanity.

 Ground Level

The first level of the house is comprised of the living area and other communal spaces.

Berrima House

Like most homes, the second level contains the bedroom. Its center area is open to below giving an airy feel.

Park + Associates did it again! Like the previous house designs that we have featured from them, this one is very impressive too. The rear half of the house is comprised on the communal areas like the dining, living and study room. One good feature in its outdoor space aside from its landscaping is a spa pool and an infinity pool perched on a slope. Overall, you can sense that there is indeed a lovely visual connection in the house.