Warm Natural Aura of the Renovated Bachelor Pad in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles

Many home spaces had been renovated in order to fit to the needs of the new owner. I have seen before and after images of various renovations and it is indeed amazing how old homes can be transformed into something totally new and stunning. What we are going to show you today is another inspiring interior that was renovated. It actually underwent various transformations already but the current owner did something totally nice to the home turning it into his own bachelor pad.

The house was renovated several times over several decades but the latest renovation wanted to revive the authentic character of the home. Unnecessary additions were taken down like the pool house and made a new one. But other areas of the house were merely updated. Reclaimed oak wood cover the walls of the interior which is one feature that I love about this house. It is owned by young entrepreneur Derek Mattison and is a two-storey villa with three bedrooms. Enjoy a virtual tour of the bachelor’s pad below!

Double-height living area that looked really spacious but not boring. Its use of colors and materials is lovely that it turned into a space that no one can resist.

Nichols Canyon Los Angeles A steel staircase adds another industrial element to the space.

Bachelor Pad Nichols Canyon The dark velvet area rug defines the living area. Its square patterns look well with the pallets on the wall.

wooden plank interior wall A hallway will never look boring if the interior walls are like this and with a creative display of a buffet table with framed artworks.

wooden columns In the interior, you will see wooden columns like this one that matches with the wooden pallets on the wall.

dining table This is the kitchen and dining area of the house with stainless elements in it.

subway tiles Subway tiles are used for the wall of this area for a more classic touch.

living room design This is a seating area in the bedroom with pops of colors in it.

bedroom This is the bedroom with a platform bed and some artistic elements found everywhere.

bathroom While the bathroom has a creative wall installation and a simple sleek bath tub.

porch wooden deck The porch has wooden too with pallet seating Soft upholstered seats and cushions were added to it.

swimming pool area The pool area is a stunner with a wooden deck and creative outdoor decors.

pool shower design In the pool area is a ceramic wall mural by ceramist and sculptor Stan Bitters.

pool side Wooden lounge chairs are used for the pool area too and yes, you can also see a pool house and an outdoor dining space.

lawn stepping stones The house has a modern landscaping with bamboo for a Zen touch.

Bachelor Pad Nichols Canyon Even the outdoor area of the house is well-designed. Who wouldn’t love to stay in a bachelor’s pad like this?

I really like the industrial appeal of this house especially the wooden walls and the exposed steel beams. It is a home renovation designed by Pamela Shamshiri of design studio Commune. They really did an awesome job here. Even the exterior and pool area looks very lovely. Do you like how this home turned out?