Atrium Villas: Three Secluded Villas in the Greek Island

Have you seen three lovely homes in one site with a similar design? You'll love this one!

Whenever you hear the place Greek Island, what immediately comes to your mind is the lovely beach and the beautiful place around it because that is indeed what we can see in here. But apart from that, there are also beautiful homes around the place too which has rock or brick exteriors and unique designs. But then again, it is really that view that sets the area apart from other homes. We have featured homes from Greek island before and it is indeed gorgeous and very inviting. It is like you are always on vacation with a lovely house and a breathtaking view.

Greek architecture firm recently completed a complex of three villas that is located in a secluded area of Skiathos Island. Each house consists of two related volumes and it has a courtyard which has an entrance to each of them. The buildings exteriors are formed in response to the inner housing, erasing the boundaries between the inside and the outside. The first volume housed the bedroom with a bathroom while the second volume has two floors and includes bedrooms with bathroom on the ground floor and the floor. The basic design principles used in the design of the house were adaptation of the complex topography, the unobstructed view of the buildings to the sea and privacy of each residence. Predominant materials used for the houses are stone, the complex excavation product, wood and light steel structures.

Location: Island of Zakynthos in Greece

Designer: HHH Architects

Style: Contemporary

Number of Storeys: Two Storey

Unique feature: Three villas with stones in the exterior and has a uniform design sits in this island with stunning views of the sea.

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Just one glimpse at the house will make you love it because of how beautiful it looks like especially with its usage of materials being combined in the exterior of the house. And we cannot doubt that the lighting has a huge impact to it as well.

 HHH Architects

You can see here the three houses and yes, their design is indeed similar- similar in a way that each one may have something different from the other but with one glance, you can see that they are indeed linked together in terms of design.

Atrium Villas

Every villa is made up of two buildings that are connected through light steel pergolas, bridges and staircases. You can also see plants everywhere around it and I like it that a bench is added just beside the steps with some lamps.

Atrium Villas pool

Notice that the flooring or decking of the pool area has a huge impact to the entire look of the house. With this villa, there is built-in seating beside the pool just like what we mentioned in the previous entry.

Atrium Villas topography

Here you can see the villa next door that is stepped back to provide privacy. What I noticed here is the topography of the area wherein the levels differ from the top to the lower part. And it is nice that there are plants everywhere.

Atrium Villas living spaces

This is a large patio area that extends to the living spaces of the home. Apparently, it is large enough for some gatherings and serene enough to spend some alone time here while reading books and relaxing.

Atrium Villas dining area

Another look at the outdoor dining area that features dining chairs of different colors. This covered al fresco dining area is perfect for entertaining especially for friends who will go swimming.

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Atrium Villas kitchen

Inside the house there is a small lounge area and kitchen that share the space. You can also see that the wall is very nice with stones on it and it has an island that doubles as a storage space.

Atrium Villas master bedrooms

Each villa has two master bedrooms featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, sea views and ensuite bathrooms, as well as two additional bedrooms. It has a wardrobe that stores clothes and other items.

Atrium Villas exterior

Some parts of the home’s exterior are covered with stones like this one while others are just painted white. This is the entrance to one of the homes with a steel framed wooden door that leads into it.

Atrium Villas view

Like what I mentioned in the opening of this article, the villas have an amazing sea view from their position on the island which we can see from this shot.

It is indeed surprising to see three or more houses together that has the same design but it does work well too. You can see that in the images above and there are also different projects that are done this way. What I like here is the view from the house and the interior too. I always like anything that has some Greek design in it because it looks really pretty and it gives me that summer feel. This set of three houses are designed by HHH Architects and apparently, they did an amazing job for this one from the exterior of the house to the interior. How about you, what can you say about this?