Amazingly Designed APH80 Portable House in Spain

Have you imagined a home that can be transported from one place to another and can be assembled in just one day? Well, for Abaton Arquitectura, nothing is impossible. They have designed a portable home named APH80 with a 27 sq.m. area. The house is designed for two people and can be transported anywhere. It embodies Abaton’s principles and objectives to achieve well-being, environmental balance and simplicity.

The house has a living room/ kitchen, full bathroom and double bedroom. It is made from wood that adds calmness to the interior. It is also hypoallergenic at the same time. The exterior is covered with grey cement wood board. Its facade is ventilates with 10cm thermal insulation around the building. It can be manufactured for 4-6 weeks and can be assembled in one day. The house is fully manufactured in Spain. So, if you are in Spain, you have a huge chance to get this portable house! Check out the images of the house below:

Abaton Arquitectura

Despite being surrounded by wood and grey cement board, glass walls are revealed behind it allowing the entry of light and air.

APH80 Portable House

The house looks simple but there is some beauty in it that cannot be seen in any other home.

Portable House

A closer look of the facade of the house. This is the entry of the house which immediately welcomes you to a living room.


The portable house can be transported by land. Well, if you are fond of transferring from one place to another, this is best for you! You can bring with you your entire home.

Living room

The living room has some Scandinavian touches in it. We love the area rug with varying patterns, prints and colors in it.

Interior design

The living room and kitchen is just situated on the same area. The kitchen is small but functional.

APH80 Portable House

The gable roof of the house has a height of 3.5 meters allowing more space inside the house.

Glass wall

The large openings bring the outdoor environment inside the house and give it an airy feel.

Seat furniture

This is the kitchen of the house with a small sink and working area.


The bedroom is also small but it looks lovely with a minimal look. It even has a window in it.


Built-in cabinets and hanging shelves are perfect storage areas for a small bedroom like this.


This is one part of the bathroom showing the vanity and lavatory.

exterior design

Once opened, the front area reveals the large glass openings of the house.


Easy assembly of the house will give you a home in an instant!

Brick Bay Plan

One side of the house where the bathroom is located showing a rectangular hinged part which is an opening for the window.

APH80 Portable House

Curious of how the interior was programmed? Check this floor plan.

Do you like to have a home like this? Well, we bet some of you would like to have this! Amazingly, Abaton Arquitectura was able to design a portable home with a beautiful design and which is also functional at the same time. It is indeed impressive how architects could come up with unexpected home designs like this one. So, keep updated with our daily house features. We might be able to feature a house that is close to your dream home!