Amazing Transparent Clearhouse in Shelter Island, New York

Homes would have walls in order to have a private living and so the homeowners will be able to do their thing privately too. But there are some homeowners who prefer to see the beauty from the outdoors and have that transparent look in their homes instead of concealing everything through walls. There had been glass houses before but today, we will feature a different kind of glass house. The name of this house suggests the kind of design it has, Clearhouse. It is seated in the middle of lush greenery in Shelter Island, New York, USA.

The aim of this house is to get the feeling of the outdoor scene even when they are inside it. This one story home is suspended on the ground level in a rectangular shaped box. The geometrical touches and the clever design of the house can be credited to Stuart Parr Design. The house is located in an area that overlooks the Peconic Bay. It has a beautiful surrounding which could be one of the reasons why the homeowner wanted to get a transparent house.

The interior is just small but it is complete with what the homeowner needs. All throughout the year, they could be in one with nature even if they are sheltered in this glass house. Even the interior design is based on life like adding stuffed animals and anything that is associated with life. Now, let us take a look at how this Clearhouse looks.

Clearhouse design

Some might not expect that this suspended building is a residence especially that it surrounded by glass.

Amazing Transparent Clearhouse Side View

The side view of the house taken from outside shows us more glass that surrounds it. You can also notice the hilly typography of the area.

New York home design

A small part of the living area is shown here. Take a look at the displays- hands, skeletons, shells- everything depicts life!

Bay Dining

The homeowner would surely have a great time relaxing in these living spaces while taking a good look of the bay.

Dining Area

This is the dining area with a stuffed animal as decoration. The trees outside could make them feel relaxed while eating their luscious meals.

Bed View

The choice of colors and furniture are good and looked right in this space. It also made it look even more coherent with nature’s touch.

Bed Shower

This is a private bedroom. As you can see, there are walls here. Well, anyone would certainly want to get a good sleep away from other’s eyes!

Room Shower

This is the shower room inside the bedroom and is of course, private and free from transparency. It used marble for its wall and bath tub.


A view from the kitchen during winter. Aside from the lovely winter scene, draw your eyes to the knife holder. It sure is very organized!


Like most parts of the house, this lavatory area is also in white and there is also a glass on the other side of it allowing the homeowner to see what’s outside.


What we are trying to show you here is not the road but the lush green surroundings of the house. This could be enough reason to get a transparent home.


At night, the house is like a bright star in the night sky! It looks so lovely with its beautiful lighting.

Yesterday, we have showcased a house that is elegant and simple. Today, the house is also minimal in style but like the house yesterday, it is also cleverly designed especially with is being suspended from the ground. Applause for Stuart Parr Design for a real good job! How about you, would you like to get a glass house and have a good view of the outdoor scene for all the seasons year round? Well, think about it.