17 Wooden Matte Finished Kitchen Designs

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We have been showing you pictures of kitchen designs that reflect high gloss finishes for the cabinets and drawers and such. But for today, we will be posting photos about wooden matte-finished kitchens what we are sure that you are to love!

These 17 Wooden Matte Finished Kitchen Designs are sure to catch your eyes, not only with how they were actually made, but with how pretty they look – their color – different shades of earth colors, their adjacent furniture and decor! So here we go, take a time to examine our list for today!


Akira Yuh

Image: ZG Group

This modular kitchen design sure is catchy with its dark brown color. Both the cabinets and the drawers are matte-finished and complement the white flooring.

Avola Champagne Kitchen

Avola Champagne

Image: KBBC Inspirational Designs

Look at the cute color this kitchen has – the light brownish with a dash of grey looks almost pink but really charming!


Carol Ling

Image: Scavolini

Oh Carol! This kitchen is a mix of traditional and modern in one! The dining set sure is small but really looks great beside our kitchen right here.

Inline Silk Walnut Kitchen

Inline Silk

Image: KBBC Inspirational Designs

We love the color for this kitchen, it’s all wood but it sure looks really the classy type of wood that looks all too expensive. The design of this modular kitchen sure is a space-saver.


Die goreales

Image: Diegoreales

This cutesy kitchen area/kitchen bar sure is ideally for an apartment, but it sure is pretty for any home! The classic clean lines and the straight-forwardness make this kitchen a bit of manly, but still really pretty.


Alexa Alex

Image: ZG Group

The light color of the veneers matches the light shades of the walls and the floors – this modular kitchen was designed to maximize the space of the kitchen and at the same time save some room for fun and games!

Burbery Silk Mocha Kitchen

Silk Mocha

Image: KBBC Inspirational Designs

This kitchen’s color is quite an interesting. It’s like a dash of violet and grey and red – it a parade of colors with light of sunshine coming inside the room, this place is really wonderful!


Evolution Earth

Image: Scavolini

Do you love how the different colors of wood reflect this almost all white walls and floors? This modern kitchen design defines flattery in all its sense.

Metropolitan Walnut Kitchen

Metropolitan Walnut

Image: KBBC Inspirational Designs

We definitely love the dark chocolate color that this kitchen design uses. It looks great with the white colored walls and ceiling. This space will definitely be able to create tons of yummy memories!

Personal Kitchen

Personal Kitchen

Image: Diegoreales

This maybe the most common color for specialized wood veneers we have available in the market. This is one favorite material used by the a lot of home-owners – not too expensive but really classy!


Quadria Yeah

Image: ZG Group

Love the matching colors of the kitchen area and the dining set that we have here. The large area carpet sure is something too! Don’t the yellowish cabinets mix well with the veneers in this space?


Time Bomb

Image: ZG Group

This space-saver beauty is a mix of milk chocolate and cream! This space is definitely something to look forward to everyday!

Metropolitan Wenge Matt Kitchen

Wenge Matt

Image: KBBC Inspirational Designs

This space is really huge for a kitchen, with a space-saving modular kitchen, this space is sure to amaze visitors.

Villa Antalya

Villa Antalya

Image: Ertugy

Pretty homey for a modern kitchen right? This space looks like something you can find in a sitcom or something. Really pretty!


Esprit Baby

Image: Scavolini

Combining the kitchen, the dining area is normal – but with the living area, it sure is a different thing. But one thing is for sure, this space is so cool and still really spacious.


Kubika Cube

Image: ZG Group

This maybe our favorite kitchen of all! The tiles are really pretty which gives color and vibrancy in the room, and the color of the wood complements it along the white furniture.


Home Alone

Image: Scavolini

Traditional meets modern! This space combines whatever traditional kitchen has to offer but at the same time look so modern with the same features.

Pretty convinced that those were definitely great wooden kitchen designs right? These 17 Wooden Matte Finished Kitchen Designs is sure a hit not only to admiring fans of interior designing and decorating – but also for home-owners wanting to recreate their homes or even the ones who are starting to create the dream home they have in mind. We still have more kitchen design inspirations in store for you.