Enthralling Designs of the Interior in the SDM Apartment in Mumbai, India

When we are working in the city and we have a minimal budget, we may tend to choose to stay in the condominium or apartment, right? Instead of buying or building a new house, our best option is to have an apartment where at least we can comfortably stay and it is convenient to go to our office location. With that we may focus on enhancing the interior design of our apartment that will make this captivating and extraordinary compared to other units. Today, we will be exploring the details of how this apartment in Central Mumbai stands out among the other apartment in the city.

What makes this apartment unique is that the designer creates the interior based on the client’s personalities. This apartment is called as the SDM Apartment. The designer said that their clients built a six storey building, two for each apartment and they simultaneously conduct 3 interior design projects for three different clients, and these three clients were all part of their family. Well this apartment was designed as a sculpture in the space with more light and natural ventilation. Let us see the images below to see how this apartment captures the heart of the client and his family.

SDM Apartment Modishness and charm may not be withheld when you look at the exceptional design and style of this stairs.

amazing design The amazing design of this carpet in the living area is perfectly blended with the paintings and tiles in the floor.

Interior designs Let us take a look at the incredible design of the ceiling that shows artistic movement and style.

LED lights See how this LED lights installed in this fascinating living room underlines the unique and modern furniture and the accessories.

furniture set Forms and shapes that explains the functions of the hightech devices and furniture set in this entertainment space.

contemporary kitchen Superb chairs and table play the vital role in achieving the contemporary concept of this kitchen.

modern ideas Stainless and wooden materials utilized in this kitchen effectively reveal its modern ideas.

dining area Take a glance at these silver lamps that graced the enthralling ceiling of this dining area.

SDM Apartment Here is the smart area in the apartment that serves as the library and office room that may allow the client to do his tasks.

second level Standing at the second level of the house, you may see the incomparable stairs that prove its flair.

pooja room See how the element, color and lighting in this pooja room maintain its serenity and peace.

designed trunks The designed trunks attached in the wall of this bedroom somehow create a connection between the interior and exterior.

bedroom Shades of blue, grey and beige color features the state-of-the art design of bedroom.

sun lighting As the sun enters the bedroom, the sustainable element is also welcomed to take its part in minimizing the energy usage in the apartment.

SDM Apartment One of the spacious bedrooms in the apartment that definitely speaks of sophistication in the interior.

With the help of the photographs above which is courtesy of the Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop, the aim of enhancing the interior design of this apartment is successfully done. For me, the living space is really fantastic and a relaxing area to stay in. Also the pooja room or the prayer room is one of the best zones in the apartment where contemplation, spiritual communion, peace and harmony will be experienced. I hope that we have shown you a different ideas and design of the interior for an apartment.