Sporty and Luxurious Footballer’s Apartment in Western Ukraine

We may have seen a lot of house designs that are owned and designed by architects or interior designers, but we might also have this question in mind on how a house would look like for a sport minded client. We may also wonder what the important elements that they will consider in order to feel the real comfort after their tiring days of work out. Today, we will explore the modern house designed for a football player. This is an apartment with an area of 1,300 square foot which is located in the heart of Lviv, a city in Western Ukraine.

Well, the main goal in completing this house was to create a stylish and functional apartment for a young footballer. Indeed, it was very essential to adapt all the details of his lifestyle just to make a cozy and a very warm home. This has an open plan such as the kitchen, living room and the two small closets that are accessible in one room. You can also see how the designers value the importance of texture and trendy materials to keep the modern ideas in the interior. Let us check more of the different areas of this apartment through the images below.

Ukraine Apartment Soft and comfy seats set in this interior ensure the warm and comfortable experience for the homeowner.

romantic living space A well-lighted living space also creates a romantic mood in the interior.

trendy concept A combination of grey, beige and blue in the interior emphasize its cool and trendy concept.

dining set The number on each seat in the dining set also underlines the football player’s creative ideas.

Modern kitchen Modern and neat kitchen is also displayed here that also shows its highly technological device.

rough texture Take a look at the rough texture of the carpet in the center of this living space that seems to create balance in the interior.

entertainment room A huge space for an entertainment room is also intended here to allow the client to enjoy the sports that he loves the most.

large bed A large bed in this modern and stylish bedroom is graced with this unique chandelier and art works.

Footballer Apartment See how these luxurious bedrooms display a very impressive feature and charm with its furniture and accessories.

extraordinary lamp Here’s the extraordinary lamp that underlines the different artistic works that enhances the mood of the interior.

contemporary design The shape and forms underscore the contemporary and costly ideas in this house.

furniture design Curve seats and furniture presented the very comfortable and luxurious way of living in this house.

spacious bathroom See this spacious bathroom that also displays its trendy and classy character.

Modern fixture Modern fixture with this glassed shower area complements with the significant features of the footballer client.

Footballer Apartment Well-organized and well-oriented spaces in this bathroom is highly expressed in every part of it.

As we have seen the different amazing sporty features of the house above, we can say that the ARS-idea successfully incorporated the sporty idea with a modern touch to make this apartment more functional and stylish. I was fascinated with the bio fireplace in the house that creates a very warm and homely atmosphere in the interiors. Hence, we can see that this house is well equipped with a smart house system and forced air-ventilation, using the world’s leading brands.