Stunning Modern Chic Apartment Interior in Kiev

A small apartment doesn't have to be boring. It can be grand!

Interiors of apartments always impress me because of how strong are the personality of each space. You can easily see the interests and likes of every owner just one look at the interiors. I know you have seen many apartment interiors but each one really has a different story to tell. Today, we are going to show you another apartment with a beautiful interior. This one has a modern style with some chic accents that will make you love it because it doesn’t just feature the sleekness of modern design but it also shows the chic side of current styles through its furniture and decors.

The apartment that we will feature today is located in Kiev, Ukraine. Apparently, the space has some subtle traditional touch in its architecture but has a beautiful modern style for the furnishings. It has wooden flooring and white interior which gave the space a warm and spacious feel. French doors, crowning and molding are seen in the interior which could deliver the message that the structure was constructed years ago when this was the trend in interior design. But that didn’t hinder the designer to give the space a new and better look. Let us take a look at how the space looks like now.

Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Designer: Lera Katasonova

Style: Contemporary

Number of Levels: One-storey

Unique feature: The apartment has subtle traditional features in its architecture but has modern furnishings and decorations.

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Ukraine home design Although the space has a modern design, it has an eclectic feel too because of the use of various decors like what we can see. It is like a fusion of Art Deco and industrial designs from the lights to the furniture.

Lera Katasonova In a corner, a beautiful black lounge chair with ottoman is placed. To add more life to it, a plant and a mirror as well as a huge ceiling lamp was added. I can tell that this is a reading area for the owner.

apartment design I find those floor lamps artistic and intriguing but it does bring a unique feel into the home. The choice of colors for the interior especially for the sofa has a great impact to its look. The design of the furniture also added to the appeal of the apartment.

apartment interior The kitchen is separated from the living and dining space with French doors. It has a combination of white and wood finishes as well as a concrete finish for one side of the wall.

Apartment in Kiev This one has wooden finishes on it where important kitchen appliances are built-in. This is also a storage space for things that are need in food preparation.

bedroom The bedroom has a stunning design that merged modern and traditional feel. It used modern furniture just like the chair and bench as well as the bed too. Drapes are used to add privacy to the area using white and plaid fabric.

decors What made the home look even more interesting is the decors on it just like this stainless classic airplane! This is indeed a beautiful vintage addition to the space.

chairs This pair of seating are lovely features in the bedroom because of it color and design that is indeed different from the rest of the items in the space.

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masters bathroom In the bathroom, it used frosted glass for the shower area. It has a floating modern white vanity where a sink is added on top of it. Note the layering of area rugs here too.

bathroom Another bathroom in the apartment with a blue green accent wall and contrasting colors for the bathroom fixtures. The lights here also bring some stylish touch to the space. They look like spaceships hovering around the bathroom!

lights And here they are. The lights we were talking about in the previous image. The color is a bold accent to the bathroom and actually made it appear more modern. This design of the light isn’t just unique but has some masculine or an ultra-modern feel in it.

floor plan Wondering how the apartment interior looks like? This floor plan will give you the idea of where the areas we have featured above are located.

This apartment is designed by Lera Katasonova and looks very neat, stylish and cozy. The choice of furniture and the manner of arrangement had a great impact to the space. The colors it used also contributed to the beautiful design of the area which was completed with the furniture and decorations placed inside it. This space shows us that we do not need to over decorate or add too much color in order to achieve a gorgeous interior. Also, remember that apart from aesthetics, function matters the most because beauty would be nothing if it isn’t usable and practical. So, what can you say about this apartment? Let us know your thoughts through the comment section below.