Surprising Modern Interior of Espace St-Denis in Canada

An existing home in Québec, Canada needed an interior renovation. The requirement was to divide the living area and maximize the architectural design of the house. Every space should be accessed by natural light made possible by using glass walls and windows. With this concept, a lovely interior was created while retaining the architecture of the existing house, communicating their material, relief and color environment. You will see colors of black and white in the interior reflecting its modern design.

Anne Sophie Goneau, the designer of the house has something to say about the design. “The open kitchen is the focal point of the space; it unfolds on the dining room and living room, where the master bedroom fits. It is bounded by a glass wall which preserves the view of the bare brick; an archaeological reminder wanting to highlight the existing raw materials as an exhibitor showcase. On the ground, a radiant hot water heating system was installed under a concrete slab, which was covered by a light gray epoxy and polyurethane matt finish.” It is indeed amazing that the kitchen was the focal point of the home interior while it is usually located in the inner part for most homes. Want to see how they did it? Scroll down and check on the images of the Espace St. Denis below:

Anne Sophie Goneau

We won’t expect that the exterior of the house looks like this. But as seen in the living room below, there is really a treasure kept inside it! Only the lower level of the house is featured here.

Quebec, Canada

Green sofa on a white space lets the furniture pop with color and comfort.

Brick Wall

The television sits on a white low chest against a brick walled area which we assume is one part of the house that they discovered after the demolition.

Espace St. Denis

Steel beams are seen in passageways that delimits the area. You can also spot here a shelf of books that also have white finish in it.


What you see is the kitchen which is the focal point of the interior. Notice the black and white colors in it.

Espace St. Denis

There is also a brick wall on this side of the house which served as a backsplash of the kitchen.

black kitchen

We think this black kitchen is totally neat! Everything is really black even the faucet!

silver pendant light

A silver pendant light graces this dining area reflecting the colors in this space and capturing light from the glass windows.

wooden pallets

Despite the clean and streamlined look, there are wooden pallets on one side of the dining room pacifying the strong appeal.

Interior design

With this shot, you can see where the kitchen is located and how other areas surround it including the bedroom.


Glass surrounds this bedroom that is in all white! On this area, the brick walls were painted white.


Seems like it’s kind of hard to step inside a bathroom like this with all white colors except for the shower area.

stainless Vanity

The vanity used stainless in it and you can see how it also adapted the wooden pallets like the ones from the dining room.


The shower and toilet is black in color with a glass enclosure.

floor plan

Floor plan of the interior with a unique shape.

In addition to the definition of Anne Sophie Goneau above, she also mentioned that there is a flameproof steel beam that delimits the passage area while a light-emitting diode was installed in the recessed ceiling of the corridor leading to the bathroom. Doing this gives the space a more intimate setting. How did you find this interior? Do you think it will fit to your needs?