Company Building in Ontinyent turned into a Dazzling White Home

Do you have any idea on how you would conceptualize a building that was formerly used as a textile factory into a residential house? Well believe it or not, because of some creative and imaginative minds of architects and designers they have transformed a textile factory into a minimalist residence that flaunts an elegant interior. The chief focus of the scheme is to incorporate a fresh residential space into this active edifice. Its spotlight is focused on a unique design of a staircase that is made of concrete which leads the guests to the main living space.

This house is located in the remarkable place of Ontinyent, Valencia in Spain that spreads over a 5,920 square foot area that is constructed with solid concrete walls. Going over through the interior, the materials for this house were primarily designed with white hues. In order not to make the interior look dry and dull, along the living room, wall murals can be seen. And what is highlighted more in this house is the concrete pool that is covered in a water box and is suspended inside.

front facade The front facade of the house is highlighted with a two frosted doors giving privacy to the house.

Ontinyent House The rear facade has a wide, rectangular pool which looks very amazing.

entrance frosted door The entrance of the house, the wall and floor is decorated with a rug. The house has a very high ceiling that gives a wider look.

living room high ceiling The living room is simply decorated with a low level, rectangular coffee table and a chic sofa set.

wall photos glass walls The white fabric draperies give an additional soft sense to the living room which is very warm to the eyes.

lighted photo frames The lighted photo frames on the walls gives a brilliant glow on a white painted space.

white kitchen island The kitchen is also covered with white paints giving a clean look and the built-in cabinet are perfect idea for kitchen ware storage.

white rectangular dining table The dining table also look very simple yet got a chic style.

bedroom glass window The bedroom is brightened with a wide sized glass window where you can see the beautiful view outside.

bedroom built-in closet The built-in closet is a very brilliant idea to make the area of the bedroom more spacious.

bathroom vanity sink The bathroom got a modern design with the tabletop bathroom sink and a wall-mounted cabinet.

wall-to-wall bathtub The wall-to-wall bathtub has a very unique style and design which looks very wide.

concrete eclectic staircase This house got a very amazing and unique design of staircase. It looks as if it hangs with no support and the wall that has transparent space that serves as the light to the stairs.

wine cellar The basement serves to be the cellar, and got a very spacious space for parties.

white concrete pool The pool got a very unique style, giving an illusion that the water floats above.

swimming pool The environment of this area looks very refreshing and relaxing.

The selection of materials underwent a thorough decision that guarantees the consistency of the project and the company that owns this home. This overall work of Borja Garcia Studio has resulted into a magnificent design with a prevailing useful elucidation of an edifice offering distinctiveness and disposition.