Lovely Showcase of 15 Terrace Design Ideas

A terrace refers to a porch or walkway bordered by colonnades and is elevated from the ground. But it can also be a platform extending outdoors from a floor of a building. Terraces come in various designs. Some are covered while others are not. Most of the time a terrace would have seating areas where the homeowners could rest and take a look at the good view from the surroundings.

We will be showing you different homes with terraces but unlike our previous post on houses with terraces, this list gives us a closer look of the terraces and not just the exterior appearance when they are in the house. Now scroll down and check out our collection below.

Hollywood Hills Terrace View

Terrace Design Ideas

Kurt Zimmerer

With an amazing view, one would surely love to stay in this terrace with lovely furniture. This is located just outside the bedroom.

Rough Hollow Outdoor Living

outdoor kitchen

Cornerstone Architects

An outdoor kitchen and dining area in the terrace is not bad at all! Look at how gorgeous this space is!

Urban Residence

eclectic contemporary space

Alvhem Mäkleri

Totally lovely! An eclectic contemporary space in an urban setting has this sanctuary and silent spot.

St. Simons Island, GA

terrace furnitures

Summerour Architects

A terrace with arcs in it and has so much furniture and furnishings to make one’s stay totally comfy.

Luxurious Duplex Apartment

wooden flooring

Studio Aiko

A modern home with a terrace of wooden flooring that adds to its beauty.

Cubbies Rooftop Retreat

rooftop terrace

Chicago Green Design Inc.

A lovely rooftop terrace that has all the desires of an urban dweller but would give him the relaxing feel of the suburbs.

Bellevue House


Kristy B

This white home sure looked lovelier with this terrace that has pillars in it.

Turks Patio

Terrace Design Ideas


How about a tropical feel for a terrace? You can get one like this terrace with wooden elements.

Paiko Lagoon Oasis

lounge seats

This terrace sure is a great place to stay! It is spacious with some lounge seats and even a dining area.

Bayview Villa

stainless railings

Leo Trippi

This house has different terraces. Others have stainless railings in black while others like this one made use of glass which looks stunning too.

Terrace Awning

breezy environment

Artic Store

It would indeed be great to dine in a place like this! Aside from the breezy environment, the design is also neat and relaxing.

Clifton View 7 Apartment

wooden floorings

Antoni Associates

This terrace gives the homeowners a full advantage of the lovely view from around it. It has wooden floorings and is partly covered with lovely curves.

Roof Terrace 12


Garden Builders

Isn’t this place romantic? You would surely love to dine here with your loved ones.

Montana Mix


Lynette Zambon and Carol Merica

A traditional home looked fabulous with this terrace especially with the stone fireplace.


Terrace Design Ideas

You’d really be impressed on how the designer worked on this terrace. Every single detail of it is awesome!

Terrace designs vary on the design concept of a house especially that it is merely an extension of the indoor design of a house. A terrace is a great place to stay whenever you want to take a good look of the surroundings and if you want to relax a bit and get fresh air. Be back for more design inspirations here on Home Design Lover.