15 Interiors with High Ceilings

We are certain that you have seen homes with high ceilings. They look like gigantic homes because they sure looked so big inside especially if you put down all the decorations inside. It is interiors like these where you could hear your echo if you try to speak. If that is the case, the house won’t be cozy but if you try to fill it in with furniture and other decorations, you will see that interiors with high ceilings are actually lovely.

There are different ways to treat interiors like this. We have already given tips on how to do this. So, today, we will give you more sources of inspiration through the pictures that we are about to show you. Check on how these interiors were decorated and how the designers worked on the decorations to make the space look totally lovely and amazingly beautiful.

Gray Living Room

High Ceilings


Few items were placed in this gray living with high ceilings but you can see how well it looked like especially with the pendant lights in the center.

Salon with Custom Plaster Ceiling

traditional home

dSPACE Studio Ltd

A traditional home was renewed in this manner. The designer created decorative ceilings which is a good way to treat interiors with high ceilings.

Distinctive Design Mt. Pleasant, S.C

huge painting


A huge painting was placed on the wall and the other side had exposed brick walls – both made this space stunning.

Outdoor Living


Johnston Design Group

A porch with high ceiling looks relaxing especially with the use of stones and wood in it.

America’s Cup Living Room

white interior

Flagg Coastal Homes

This white interior is so easy in the eyes! Its color makes the space a lot larger.

Yorba Linda Living Room

wall decor

International Custom Designs

Elements from nature particularly river streams and stones inspired this interior. You can see that in the wall decor, glass panels, and even the throw pillow covers.

Plantation Sunroom

Large windows

Olga Adler

Large windows with roman wood blinds just looked right in this sunroom with high ceilings.

Stockholm Loft


Eklund Stockhold New York

Check out the shelves of books here that occupied the walls. Also, notice the mezzanine on the other side of the room which is a smart way of using the space of a high ceiling room.

Interior 1



A space with high ceiling has an effect to your home’s acoustics. Invest on carpets and other soft objects to absorb the sound waves.

Living Space Design

textured wall

Ando Studio

Adding textured wall panels or accent walls is a good way to decorate rooms with high ceilings.

Lower Level Living

modern contemporary interior

Princeton Design Collaborative

This modern contemporary interior is a true beauty! Acoustical panels were used for the ceiling and some wooden panels for the walls.

1930s New York Mansion


Steven Gambrel

The furniture in this living space brings in sophistication to the area but the details in the ceiling as well as the long curtains added so much beauty to room with high ceilings.

Dramatic Double-Height Apartment

cozy apartment

Corcoran Group 10am Special

Look at this cozy apartment. You would really feel relaxed once you get into a space like this for it makes you feel like you have so much room for air.

Pillars Interior

glass walls


Its high ceiling is being underlined with the pillars that go from the floor to the ceiling. The glass walls make this place look like an open area allowing natural light to get inside.

Kylemore Communities

High Ceilings

Jane Lockhart Interior Design

Jane Lockhart is known for her impressive designs just like the one you see above. Look at how this high ceiling interior was treated making it look totally stunning.

Interiors with high ceilings give an airy feeling to the homeowners but it is true that it is quite challenging to decorate. If you happen to live in a house that has high ceilings, you can check on How to Decorate an Interior with High Ceilings. You will be given some helpful tips on how to work your interior and make it cozier.