Futuristic Renovations and Innovations Made in the Igloo House in Gydnia, Poland

We oftentimes plan to make some renovations in our interiors. This is to make it more elegant and trendy. We tried to look for new experiences in our house that will suit our mood. Today we will witness how the architects renovated the interior of this 970 square foot apartment which is specifically located in Gydnia, Poland. This apartment is named as the Igloo House. The investors speak of innovation to reveal the futuristic character in this house.

According to the designer, they started their design with the basics developer’s plan which enabled them to divide the space into practical spheres and separate the common part of the apartment. This includes the leisure, kitchen, and integrated spheres. Moreover, the sliding doors of the guest room make the extension of the diurnal sphere possible or can make this room an autonomous interior. Let us see more of the renovations done in the Igloo House through the images below.

Igloo House Grey colored furniture as well as the accessories and appliances in the living space displays modern and trendy concept.

interior design Forms and colors display in this area enhances the look of the interior.

yellow modern chair Here’s the yellow modern typed chair which harmonized with the themed color utilized by the designer.

modernism See how the curves and lines exposed in every corner of the interior which also underlines the sense of modernism and charm.

walls textures Take a look at the different textures features in the walls of the interior.

Black walls Black walls perfectly harmonized with the walls and floors of the living space.

High quality materials High quality materials utilized in making this house interior’s walls and floorings are highly realized.

innovative book shelves An innovative book shelves is well designated here where the client may enjoy its reading time in this corner.

carpet Colorful carpet in the center of the living area also jives with the bookshelves set here.

lighting design Lights are one of the most important features of this apartment that highlighted its up-to-date designs.

round dining table Fashionable design of the round dining table is graced with this unique chandelier hanged above it.

home office Captivating wall papers is utilized in this home office which also adds charm and sophistication.

bedroom Floral and bright colors of the pillows and accessories accentuate the comfort in this bedroom.

bathroom Yellow paint in the shower area of this bathroom breaks the black and white themed of the apartment.

Igloo House You may definitely notice this modern designed yellow clock hanged in this wall which also stressed the modern interior design.

As we can see the above images, we might be delighted for the kitchenette which features the dedicated integration in the interior. Also I was so astonished with the theatrical gesture of pulling the curtains will cut off the kitchen from the living room. In fact the glass igloo watches the interior and inside it secures the private areas. We can definitely say that the MSWW completed the renovation in 2013. We hope that you have find new ideas in the modern innovations made in the apartment.