The Scandinavian Style of Interior in the Beam and Block House in Poland

Have you ever thought of combining shades of grey and yellow in your interior? If you did, was it a good or bad idea? Well, we might have something that can help us identify if this color combination will give us a positive result. Today we will showcase the unique interior design of Mode:lina Architeckci in Poznan, Poland. This house is also better known as the Beam and Block House. You may notice that its interior was designed to have fewer doors which intend to have a better interior for they wanted to have more space and storage area.

That is why the architects decided to organize the hall and used the available space under the stairs. The middle of the house was marked with white frame that continues directly to the living room, displaying a minimalist attitude. The television and fireplace in the interior are hidden with the wall’s dark color and surrounded with white frame. Now to see more of how these designers maximize the available space to have a colorful interior, let us scroll down the page and check more of the images below.

Beam and Block House

Lines and different shapes are well displayed in this simple yet elegant interior, right?

Living Room

The designer sees to it that the furniture and other accessories are set in its proper position that maintains the clean and neat feature of this living area.

Kitchen 1

Wooden color of the cabinet with white palette is effective to highlight the modern style of this kitchen.

Beam and Block House

High-tech appliances are utilized in this kitchen area to harmonize with the modern concept of this interior.


Smooth and rough textures are also well presented in the table and cabinets of this kitchen.

customized chairs

Unique and customized chairs are also set in this area which adds more attraction.

Yellow accents

Yellow accents are perfectly combined with the white and shades of grey in this interior that creates a livelier zone in the house.

storage area

The storage area is built under the stairs that obviously maximize the available space in the house.


Rough textures are also shown in every step of this stairs which balances the smoothness of the walls.


The yellow accent in the wall of this bathroom’s entrance is giving an energetic element.

unique designs

The unique stairs are inviting the guest to explore the second level of the house.


Here is one of the best featured accessories found in every corner of the interior.


Even in this bedroom, the mixture of grey, brown and yellow are very effective to show a comfortable and clean place.

Beam and Block House

Indeed the yellow accents play the important role in providing life in this area because it is pleasing to the eye.

grey concept

White and grey concept of bathroom also defines clean and comfortable area in the house.

As a whole the Scandinavian concept which is the client’s favorite styles was carefully realized through the materials used here specifically the raw concrete and wood. In fact, this is enhanced with white and dark grey shades with a touch of yellow color. Also we may see the art works in the interior through its amazing paintings, furniture and accessories. The bedroom is also connected with wardrobe which has a raw material and a combination of yellow color same as what we can see in the ground floor. Hence, the Mode:line Architekci successfully mix and match the dark and bright color to exhibit an energetic interior.