Fascinating Interior of Apartment S in Germany

For those people who work in the city with an average salary may choose to rent an apartment instead of investing a huge house. These people may choose to have their interior fabulous than considering the exterior of the apartment. Today, we will witness how the client requested the designer to maintain the fascinating floral accents in the interior. The designer exclusively mixes and matches the artistic accessories with the furniture to come up with a glamorous interior.

This apartment is called the Apartment S and this is located in Stuttgart, Germany. The client requested for an interior that may display an emotional, personal and feminine living space, while at the same time that will create a room for a clear and focused working environment. The client is looking for a dwelling place where they can also comfortably work. The interior design has a comparatively small area of 94 square meters. Let us see more of the different areas of the interior in the house through the images below.

Apartment S See how these vibrant LED lights efficiently presented an elegant and luxurious living area.

floral accents These floral accents in the ceiling highlighted the artistic design displayed in the interior.

Rough texture wall Rough texture of the brown wall harmonized with the soft and light brown color of the sofa.

wooden brown table Patterns in the wooden brown table perfectly match with the floors and cabinets in the dining area.

LED lights Brown and colorful flowers in the interiors are emphasized with the LED lights installed in the corners.

interior design The rectangular forms of the table and appliances can effectively perform its function in the interior.

cabinets Wooden brown color are consistently applied in the cabinets and walls of the kitchen area.

kitchen space You may perceive how the designer systematically arranged the cabinets and furniture in the kitchen space.

bedroom In the bedroom, the floral accents are well-designed and arranged in the ceiling that makes this bedroom comfortable and charming.

Unique lamps Unique lamps are utilized in this bedroom to scribe the difference in the interior.

Spacious bedroom Spacious bedroom also presented a dressing space where the client’s clothes and shoes are kept.

feminine concept bedroom Lilac color in the bedroom is effective to present a feminine concept bedroom.

small bathroom A small bathroom also shows cleanliness and trendy fixtures.

fascinating design Here’s another bedroom that increase the confidence of the client to show a fascinating bedroom.

Apartment Se Since bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the house, see the colorful orange palette utilized to make this bathroom classy and modern.

As we have seen the different areas of Apartment S above, we can definitely sense how the Ippolito Fleitz Group carefully and skillfully managed to make it elegant and stunning. You may witness how the field of flowers designed by Monica Trenkler effectively decorated the ceiling and connected all the areas of the apartment. Trenkler was inspired by the client’s own artwork. We hope that the interior designs of this apartment may also inspire you in recreating the design of your interiors.