Creative and Visual Interiors Fashioned in AB1 House in Baku, Azerbaijan

When black, gray and white are used in an modern interior, it is a sure win!

Nowadays, many businessmen choose to stay in an apartment where they feel comfortable and relaxed. Elegant and luxurious furniture may still be helpful in designing the different zones of the interiors. From the living space, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, the client can still plan and conceptualize the best design that will set his mood and taste. Today, let us see how the designer successfully utilized the luxurious design of the furniture in making this apartment elegant and stylish. This apartment is named as the AB1 House.

AB1 House is a two bedroom contemporary apartment which is specifically located in Baku, the capital and largest city of Azerbaijan. What is special in the interior of this apartment is that the designer made use of the simple and warm colors that also presents very charming and fashionable indoor spaces. The details of the interior stand out because of the exceptional patterns found in every walls that perfectly match with curtains and lighting system used here. Scroll down the page and see how the designer amazingly mix and match the elements to make this apartment look so stunning through the images below.

Modern Apartment See how the shapes and colors of the furniture gracefully match with the theme of the interior’s walls and floors.

Igor Sirotov Architect Sustainable light may access the living space in the morning that will not only reduce energy consumption but also enhance its look.

AB1 House Spacious area for living space is enough to provide the client a perfect space to stay in after work.

Modern Apartment The kitchen is neat and simple as it maintains its hygienic and classy concept that is also attractive.

innovative design A clean and innovative look of the kitchen may simply underline its modern and fashionable edge.

Trendy furniture Trendy furniture may undeniably speak of confidence and charm in this simple yet charming kitchen.

entertainment area A special space intently designed for an entertainment area. See how the designer utilized some patterns on the walls that perfectly jives with the color of the sofa here.

patterns Patterns in the walls obviously adds textures in the interior that enhances its look and mood.

Contemporary Interiors See how these black colored furniture and walls complement with each other, making this bedroom look so elegant and luxurious.

modern fireplace See how this modern fireplace enhances the innovative and trendy look of these comfortable bedroom.

trendy equipment Simple but trendy equipment arranged in this small space for entertainment where the client can fully experience the stress-free space in the house.

interior design A flawless and stunning look is captured in this modern and classy bathroom that seems like exhibiting its trendy and expensive fixtures.

lighting system The lighting system installed in the bathroom also emphasize its charm and innovative design that will provide comfort to the client.

large mirrors Shapes and colors of the fixtures harmonize well with the large mirrors and lights in this powder space in the bathroom.

AB1 House Limited space in the bathroom will be become spacious with the use of these glassed materials in the shower area.

We cannot deny that the images above are very effective in revealing the exceptional design and contemporary concept of the apartment. The style and design of the furniture indeed was successfully mixed and matched by the designer to make the interior livelier and lovelier. Even by just looking at the images above, we can feel the real comfort and relaxing mood in every corners of the house. Then, we can say that the Igor Sirotov Architect has brilliantly conceptualized and designed the interiors of this apartment that many clients will love. We hope that you find this house design helpful in conceptualizing and redesigning your house in the future.