Unique Living Room Couches Collection

After having finally decided what type of living room you’d want your house to have, for sure you’d also find time to choose the best Couch to complete the whole design or simply add an accent to it. There are a lot of living room furniture to choose from but there are only a few that could stand out. There are living room couches that’s far from the usual, those that are peculiar or unusual but still makes the room look a lot more elegant and homey. It’s about making the most out of your design and make it look unique too by adding something that’s elegantly attractive…

This collection is amazingly about Uniqueness in Living Room Couches. Since they add an attractive and elegant touch to your design choice, it’s wise yo choose which one best fits into your living room. Here goes a couple of options to be inspired of so feel free to be amazed by such creative talents from amusing furniture designers…

Torus Couch

Living Room Couches

Camilo A. R.Marquez

The couch is also made of fiber glass with gel coat used.


couch design

The design was given the Reddot Award.


Middle East Design


Couch design received a Good Design & Middle East Design Award.

Pumpy Set


A somewhat real-life spider couch you’d be curious to sit on.

So Sofa Project

couch furniture

Redo Design Studio

A vibrant design for a living room couch.

Lacertilla Couch


Svilen Gamolov

Couch is made of plywood construction and fabric upholster.



A couple of colors to choose from in this couch design.



An elegant set of couch that’s also appealing on a living room.


Living Room Couches


Simply minimalistic couch design.

Living Room Sofa


Shangrila Sofa

A minimalistic design for living room couch connected directly to its side tables.


peculiar accent

A peculiar accent of a couch for the living room.

New Furniture Collection


Christian Dorn

A design made in Germany.

Bespoke Ottoman


The Sofa and Chair Company

An extremely unique couch that could best fit in a modern living room.



Global Trends Building Supply

The couch best fits in an outdoor living room.

Living Room Couch

Huge couch

Shangrila Sofa

A huge living room couch for a generous-spaced living area.

Living Room Sofa

simple design

Shangrila Sofa

Simply elegant couch set for a modern living room.

Anubis Couch

leather and plastic

Camilo A. R.Marquez

The couch is made of leather and plastic.

Soft Couch

Living Room Couches

Claudia Bignoli

The couch is made with poliuretano stuffing and with a fabric cover.

The uniqueness of the Living Room Couches were fascinating, weren’t they? Which set or piece do you think would fit right into your design choice at present? Do you think it’s that essential to have something that’s unique right into your home? Let us know…