The Unou House of Japan – A Home by the Train Tracks

Japan may be one of the most advanced in the fields of architecture, construction and technology and for sure design was never an issue. The Unou House is located in Toyota, Aichi Perfecture which was completed just last July 2012. A black wooden house that is arranged between two frames at either end, one vertical and the other is horizontal, both ends serve as entrance to the house. With the next few pictures, you will be able to see a tall and narrow entrance that slopes down to a low and wide living space. The idea of not putting walls on the house was both for the “one room” that the designers wanted to achieve and of course, for the purposes of great ventilation and to make the flow of air in the house great. This triangular home will surely impress you.

Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates was the designer of this 83.48 square meter home by the Train Tracks. This site is surrounded with great options for the view, but the designers made it sure to put the entrances by the east and west to showcase the best places where the view is better. The designers thought of making “picture frames” for the views that the house have, one in the east and one in the west. Now, take a look at the pictures that we will be showing for you to be able to admire The Unou House.

unou facade

Look at how sturdy the house looks like with the long vertical lines on the east side.

unou home design

Horizontal space makes the house wide while the open area allows the homeowners to be able to see the outdoors.


The Unou House has a view to the train tracks in the western part of the house.

Train Tracks home design

The house is has wooden frames that serve as free-standing doorways to create division but at the same time maintain a single room for the house.


Through this frame we are able to see the kitchen sink with all the white walls.

exterior design

This is the stage where the homeowners are able to see the train track thru the terrace.

floor plan

This is the ground floor plan of the Unou House. Kinda intrigued with the study room beside the kitchen!

second floor plan

Here is the second floor with the master’s bedroom and another bedroom just adjacent to the terrace.

home design

The house is seen here with its section and showing the arrangement of the bedrooms adjacent to each other with no walls for that matter.

site plan

Impressive how the lot has tons of space but the entire house just took a cut in the area to create this beautiful home.

How did you like The Unou House? The designers made sure that the elevation of the house not only gives it strong foundation but at the same time be able to admire the view in a great angle. The Train Tracks made the house look old school but the lines on the house, both vertical and horizontal lines did create the space that gives the clients the satisfaction of home with a modern feel but still homey because of the materials used on the exterior and the furniture too.

Supposed you wanted to have a triangular home, The Unou House will be one of the best examples that you can take a double look at, then make this house as an inspiration for the next triangular home that might be featured in the next articles here in Home Design Lover. You can also visit Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates for more information on the The Unou House or more on their projects.